Photographer's Experience With Product Photography

Reflective Product Photography

A Beginner’s Guide to Reflective Product Photography

Taking pictures of products that have shiny reflective surfaces can be daunting. The reflection of the light or the camera set up on the product surface can spoil the photo. You cannot use such pictures on your website or any…

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Amazon product photography rules

Top Amazon Photography Tips for Your Products in 2022

What is the first thing you look up when shopping on Amazon in the US? What becomes the most decisive factor encouraging you to make a purchase? For most buyers, it’s the product image. In virtual shopping zones, where you…

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Product Photography

Best Reasons to Use Top Light for Your Product Photography

Regarding product photography, the importance of lighting cannot be overlooked. The quality, intensity, and lighting location have much to do with the outcome. With proper lighting, it is easy to get high-quality images that have the potential to captivate the…

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