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Why do you need a Product Photographer

Some Valuable Tips for Selecting the Best Product Photography Service!

Businesses around the globe have started realizing the importance of product photography to connect with the customers better and increase sales. While you may have invested a lot in product development, having great images of those products on the website…

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Amazon Listing Photography

How to create Infographic Listing Photos for your Amazon Listings

For a long time now, I have been wanting to write about how to create infographic images for Amazon listings. ‘Infographics’ or ‘Information Photography‘  or ‘Information provided via graphics’ is a Vital way of providing the necessary information about the…

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PVC Products

Transparent Product Photography- How to photograph PVC, Plastic or transparent products

PVC or transparent product photography is highly challenging product photography.  The reflections, glares can pose difficulties in getting the correct shot. This is where a balanced lighting knowledge will be tested. We at EtherArts Photography have done a lot of…

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