Low Cost Product Photography


Product Photography Pricing Starts From $15. Pricing depends on the Amount of time required to complete the project. Various factors like Nature of Product, Surface of the Product, Total Number of Images needed, Images needed Per Item, Size of the Product, Group Displays etc are considered before providing the Final Quote. We have tried to give a rough estimate of the type of price range as per each category. This is just for an understanding of our low cost photography. We request you to please send us a detailed Email with the requirements. We can then offer the Best lowest quote for your work. We offer Amazon Photography pictures as per the standards required by


per photo
  • Non Reflective
  • Non-White
  • Single Item
  • Within 5 inches
  • *VOLUME Discounts (100+images)


per photo
  • Reflective Surfaces
  • Lustrous Product
  • Single Item
  • 4in- 10 inches
  • *VOLUME Discounts (85+images)


per package
  • Amazon Photography
  • Depends on the PRODUCT
  • Small - Large Product Size
  • 4-8 Amazon Ready Listing Photos
  • Email Us For Quote


per photo
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Nature of Jewelry/*Fashion/Fine
  • Rings- Necklaces
  • Watches $30-$45
  • *VOLUME Discounts (85+images)


per photo
  • Cosmetics, Pharma
  • Surface, Size of Container
  • Single Item
  • 2oz-16oz containers
  • *VOLUME Discounts (85+images)

Ghost Apparel

per photo
  • Flat on White-from $25
  • Ghost Mannequin-from $35
  • Single Item
  • Steaming-Ironing charges
  • *VOLUME Discounts (85+images)

AMAZON A+ Listings

$ -$$
per package
  • A+ Listing Photos
  • Depends on the PRODUCT
  • Depends on Number of Shots
  • In Addition to Listing Photos
  • Email Us For Quote


per photo
  • Styling/ Background
  • Turnaround Time/Rush

What's Included?

You are free to use the photographs in any of your publications as many times as you like, without ever paying us royalties for their use. Once the images are delivered to you, the photos become licensed to your company for use on a royalty-free basis. You will have access to the photos for use in all forms of commercial print, advertising, Television media. We do retain the copyrights for delivered photos and the photos may not be re-sold to any third party without prior written permission.
White means white...not grey for us. We will get your products on seamless white background, typically the #fff. No unwanted color tinges. You can be rest assured that you will get the images on white. This is also a pre-requisite for images for Amazon photography.
Every photograph goes through a critical scrutiny for any scratches, dust particles that can be removed by cleaning. Those which can not be removed by physical cleaning are edited using a photoediting software. We will do every possible attempt to take care of scratches and dust particles as can be possible. However this doesnot include 'Pixel Cleaning' (Deep Intensive Cleanup of pixels).
Product reflections and shadows created in photoediting softwares are NOT charged additional. We offer this feature whereever possible. For Large projects, we offer this feature complimentary. Also projects with Volume Discounts can avail of this additional feature at no extra cost.
We examine and adjust color and brightness levels to ensure the proper tone and vibrant exposure. Whether RGB or CMYK for commercial printing, we can work with all color schemes as required. All our colors are true and justify the product. We go a step further to adjust the highlights, midtones and the shadows of the product images.
Product Image files are made ready to suit your web requirements. Whether Amazon photography, Etsy, Overstock or your own website, we can optimize the files to those specifications. This needs to be informed before we begin the project so as to shoot accordingly. Just let us know the specification of the images you need and leave the photography to us. You wont be disappointed.
On completion of the project, all images are available to you via Dropbox, Email or a Transfer to your Jump Drive. We will make it as easy as possible.

What's NOT Included?

For Amazon Photography- we do not share individual images of the products which are used to make collages or infographics for the Amazon listings. The pricing is offered for the final images only and hence comes along with the individual components which can not be separately provided. No RAW files are provided
We do charge a 3% + $0.50 for PayPal/Online transactions. We are continuously offering low Product photography pricing and hence are unable to absorb this charge at such low prices. For clients who would not like this charge, we request you to please opt for Zelle, CashApp, Cash Or Check options. On receipt and CLEARING of the payment, we shall release the final images.
This is called the 'Pixel Cleanup'- Or the 'Zoom In Cleanup'. We try to clean the dust, scratches and minor imperfections on the product. However beyond this, if an intensive smoothening or clean up is required, there is an additional charge of $5-$8 per picture depending on the type of product..
If your product is larger than 1 feet on the longest side it is considered over sized and will need to be quoted separately (apparel and certain other items excluded). Large jewelry pieces of more than 18 inches long, select hard to photograph items will need additional photography/ Display support and hence charged a small additional charge. Please contact us for a quote..
Once the images are released, it is the Client's responsibility to take a Back Up for them OR STORE them. Our backup is only for 30-45 days during which if the images are lost by the client, can be provided at NO COST. However we DO NOT take any ONLINE Back up of the images due to Image Protection Laws and hence CAN NOT STORE them Permanently. Also as we do a lot of images every week, this is highly impossible to take a back up of all files worked upon.
Nature Style Backgrounds, Products in an ambiance incur additional cost for set up. Example: A jewelry piece on a Novica, Etsy Style background
Stainless Steel Products, Chrome, Mirrors etc require a completely different set up to avoid glares, reflections from all side. Such items are charged a small additional charge. Also certain Jewelry pieces with more reflective metal content are charged differently. eg- Monogrammed coins, shiny metal earrings. We request our clients to disclose and discuss this before accepting the final quotes.
Images that are delivered as high resolution 300 DPI jpeg files are perfect for use in print . All photos are captured at a minimum of 12 megapixels. Optionally, we are also able to deliver a maximum resolution of over 20 megapixels for print resolution for large prints and product packaging. As most of the images are used online, we shoot them at 85 DPI at 1800-2000 pixels large and charge less for such images. However when you need Print-worthy images, we offer that at a small additional charge of $2- $5, depending on how large you need them for your print purpose. We can also re-size them on demand. For PNG (transparent background images), we charge an additional $3-$5 per file. We do not offer any working PSD files. Only deliverables are white background JPG, PNG and other formats (except working PSD)
Photographs that are created in photoediting softwares or manipulated further after shooting them are charged additional. Please discuss the requirements.
We do charge an additional $8 per CD burnt. This is done to preserve our resources as latest technologies allow a better way to share images across various platforms. We encourage our client to use Dropbox, online sources, FTP etc for such an use..
Some products-especially Jewelry require Advanced retouching to remove glares and reflections. Below is a sample- The band of this ring is cleaned usind advanced techniques. This is a time consuming, labor intensive process. Hence we charge a small extra $$ for such clean up jobs.
We request our clients to provide any product display ideas( if they have something in mind). However in case where displays are not provided, we follow the industry standard display rules. Any change in the display after the final image is done, will be considered a 'NEW SHOT' and charged accordingly. This is because we spend a lot of time and energy in getting the shots right. Change in display is an unnecessary duplication of work and hence needs to be discussed prior to the shoot..
Group arrangements are charged in the multiple of each product pricing. This depends on the group that is formed and the display required. Group arrangements require time and efforts for set up and also changed lighting. Also the number of items to be edited in photoediting software increase. This is both time-consuming and labor intensive process. Hence we charge additional $ for group shots.
Shots unpaid for are Copyright of EtherArts Photography. We will pursue Legal Action against violators if we find that such shots are used for commercial purpose. All images unpaid for are kept on a 'Watch List' under the Copyright Law for a span of 3 years. The items if not picked up will be property of EtherArts Photography. We reserve the right to gift, donate these unpicked items without the consent of the client