What is E-Commerce Photography? Do You Need A Professional Studio For It?

While shopping for a product online, it is necessary to get to know the product better before you can take the purchase decision. Product photo is the closest one can get to the in-shop shopping experience when you want to buy it online. Product angles, fit and quality needs to be showcased effectively through pictures. This is where Ecommerce Photographer plays a vital role. Photographing the product pictures in a professional way is the new trend. While all sellers are confident of their photography skills, the recent competition in the quality product photos is increasing. A professional Ecommerce photography service provider will offer you the best quality and beautiful images which will increase your overall profits. They have many product photography ideas up their sleeves which can captivate customer attention and help in the decision making. This is highly needed when you get your products ready for Amazon listing photos.

EtherArts Photography offers cheap Product Photography in ATLANTA, Georgia . We offer Product, Jewelry, Ghost Apparel, Cosmetics, any Ecommerce products shots on white background and any other background.

  • Officially Amazon Approved Photography Services by Amazon. White Background E-Commerce Photography offered as per Amazon Photography Specifications.
  • We offer Product Infographic Photography too. Shopify, E-bay, Etsy, Amazon, Overstock and other platforms, we have it all covered.
  • High quality product photos at affordable prices. Don't overpay for photos any more. Check our product photography PRICING
  • Share your project details with us and we will beat any competitor's pricing. Email Us
Ecommerce Loves our Product photos: Customers shopping online on any Ecommerce platform will purchase a product only if they can get this almost complete experience of product handling. With our more than a decade long experience with Ecommerce photography Service in Houston, Atlanta and across the globe, we are competent to provide the best Ecommerce Photography Service thus making us the leading Ecommerce Photographer in Atlanta. This experience combined with a team of skilled photographers will help you sell your ecommerce products faster. Our rates are very low as compared to other Ecommerce photography service providers which will allow you to get more photos done at very affordable pricing.


A few clients websites for which we offer E-commerce photography



Spices Bottles For Shopping cart






Ecommerce photos for Popcorn website


Our E-Commerce Product Photography Pricing is the cheapest in ATLANTA, Georgia and USA. Below is a rough estimate of our low product prices. Contact us for a quote.


$20*-$25 / pic

  • $20*- Volume Discount-85+ photos
  • Depends on Nature of Product

Ghost Apparel

$25-$45 / pic

  • $25* Volume Discounts
  • Ghost Apparel starts $35
  • Steaming charges $3/garment


$20*-$30* / pic

  • *100+ photos projects
  • Share your project details
  • Depends on product


Read our Google/Amazon Photography Reviews from our clients we have worked for. Check all FIVE STAR REVIEWS on Google

I have been working with Ether Arts for several years now on Amazon photography. Aarti is professional, has fast turnaround times and reasonable fees, and her work is the best I've found. We have had images taken for plastic packaging (which is tricky because of the glare), personal care items, grocery items and household products. Recently, Aarti has done a wonderful job with lifestyle images created from stock photos with our client's products staged - they look completely realistic as if we hired models and had a photo shoot. I can't say enough good things about how easy Aarti is to work with and the high quality of her work.

Kelly Rundle

Ceo & Founder

I’m so happy I found Etherarts. I received very professional photos that went above and beyond what I was expecting! Aarti helped me through the whole process and gave lots of insightful advice for which shots I should get, and which I don’t need. It was my first time having photos done and I didn’t know where to start. They provided great quality photos and delivered quickly. The editing was also top-notch. I highly recommend Etherarts and Aarti if you need photos done!

Kalie King


Absolutely Stunning Photography! We continue to be amazed by the beauty and clarity of the photography done by EtherArts Photography! After pursuing many options for getting good photography of our sterling silver products, particularly with a white background, we felt at such a loss -- clarity of silver against a white background is especially difficult to achieve. So it is such a privilege and blessing to have found EtherArts! This firm possesses the experience and professionalism we sought and it comes across in the beauty of their work. In addition to their professionalism and depth of experience, EtherArts makes each project feel as though it is special, and they take great care to provide top notch customer service, expert guidance and timely responsiveness. I simply could not ask for a better experience! We are so grateful to have found this Photographer and expect to be a loyal customer for years to come!

Sos Miller

Jewelry products

I am so Happy with my pictures! She did an Amazing job! It was a pleasure working with her. She is such a nice person! She called me and we discussed exactly what I wanted and she did it Perfectly! I do not think I could have found anyone else that could have made images more Beautifully! I will continue to use her...

Mardi Bucchannan

Amazon FBA

I recently did a project with Ms. Aarti for my company Tabb Textile. The project was for linens. I found her company by searching for E-commerce photographers on Google. I thought her samples looked great and she had fair prices so I called to set up the project. Ms. Aarti took 31 images on my linen products such as towels, sheets, blankets, washcloths, and pillowcases that our now on my E-commerce Website. They look fantastic! Even when I had asked her change a few images more to my liking, she was very responsive and did them with no hassle. They ended up coming out great! I will definitely be coming back for more images for my website in the future. Most likely for fabrics this time. I highly recommend Ms. Aarti for product images that are great quality and at a very reasonable price! Her pricing structure is more then fair.

Jack Fenster

Tabb Textile