How to Photograph a Swirling Liquid Product For E commerce


This was a very challenging project done for Amazon listing photography. The client wanted to have a water swirling motion to the Make up brush cleaner he sells on Amazon. Recent pictures on his store were ‘Generic’ images- meaning they were images provided by the manufacturer in China. So just the packaging changed and the logo changed on his pictures. The client wanted to be UNIQUE on Amazon with his product pictures. The picture we did was a composite of 3 images.

First image– is the Picture of just the Glass jar with the Brush cleaner in it. Static. No Movement necessary.

Second Image- is the picture of the Twirling motion- this obviously needed a hand operating the necessary buttons. This will give a motion Blur or a dither to the image . Shoot these in a continuous camera mode. Then select the Best Image with the best water swirling movement without much water splatters on the inside of the jar. This will typically happen during the first few seconds only. After that the water splatter will cover the entire inner jar surface. This is the MOST CRUCIAL STEP.

Third Image- The various components of the set- Jar/Brush Stand etc.

Viola— Combine Them— The magic is done!! Client VERY HAPPY… We are very satisfied!!

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