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EtherArts Product Photography, Atlanta offers Ghost Mannequin Photography from $20. Invisible Mannequin Photography on Seamless White Background are shot with exact colors. White background Website Photos from the best Ghost Apparel Photographer in Atlanta. Cheap Ghost Mannequin Photography Service in USA. A trendy display on white or a display of your choice, we can photograph your apparel in the best way. We will make your apparel justify its looks with our strobe lights and HDR composite techniques. The apparel photos are available for printing as well as for use on website. Ghost Mannequin Photography is also well known as Invisible Mannequin Photography in which there is just a hollow garment shot without the presence of any model or mannequins. Any t-shirt, shirts, dresses, lingerie or complex clothing piece can be done on an Invisible Mannequin. The soft lights and the background strobes makes the clothing appear soothing to the eye and not harsh. We prepare the clothing by ironing, steaming to make the creases disappear for the best look. Take a peek at our Ghost Apparel Photography Shots below- Flat on White, Invisible Mannequin & Apparel on Mannequin. We also offer stuffed INFANT CLOTHING photos on white. This kind of Ghost Mannequin Photography technique gives a gentle invisible mannequin Soft light weight baby feel to the clothes. Check our Ghost Apparel Photographer discounted rates at our Product Photography Pricing page. For Invisible Mannequin Accessories like Neckties, Beanie caps, Hats, View Our Beanies/Neckties/Hats/Hairbands


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