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Ankle Strap










EtherArts Product Photography Studio offers Handbags Photography. Ghost Mannequin Shoes Photography is offered at discounted rates. We are adept at photographing any type of handbag with any display you need. A pair of shoe or handbag worth requires the best shot with proper lighting. We do exactly that. We can make your product sell through our photography. A Shoe photo on white background is offered at as low as $20 as part of Volume discounts. Handbags photography pricing starts from $25. Depending on the type of shoe, or the type of photography a final quote can be provided. These days, individuals pick footwear as mindfully as garments, so you need to show everything about. Each customer will have a lot of concepts about the ideal shoe picture that he needs. Heaps of Instagram shoe pages present shoes shot from various points, so everyone can see the shading, the sole, the tallness of a heel or a stage, various trimmings and designs. Take however many photographs as could be allowed: Side view photo Back view photo Top view Photo a perspective on the item went marginally to the left/right shot nearer to show surface, material, and so forth Lighting assumes a significant part in photography, regardless of whether it is intended for a shoe or some other item. An excellent camera needs a satisfactory measure of lighting to get a fresh and clear picture. Continuous light is best for taking pictures if you are a great shoe photographer and the secret to attractive photos.
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EtherArts Product Photography offers Images essential for marketing campaigns across various channels, including social media, print ads, and websites. Professional photos grab attention, communicate product benefits effectively, and contribute to the success of advertising efforts.

Low Cost Handbags Photography

Our unbeatable photography pricing includes all that needs to get HIGH ROI

    Professional product photography of handbags involves meticulous attention to detail to capture the essence of the design and craftsmanship.
  • We carefully select angle that highlight the unique features and textures of the handbag, showcasing its quality and style.
  • Lighting plays a crucial role, accentuating the materials and colors while minimizing shadows and reflections.
  • Props and backgrounds are chosen thoughtfully to complement the handbag without overshadowing it.
  • Every stitch, buckle, and embellishment is captured with clarity and precision, emphasizing the product's craftsmanship. Close-up shots reveal the intricate details that make each handbag special, inviting viewers to appreciate its artistry.
  • Composition is key in presenting the handbag in a visually appealing manner, drawing the viewer's attention to its most captivating aspects.
  • We collaborate closely with designers and brands to ensure the images align with their vision and branding strategy.
  • Post-processing techniques are employed to enhance colors, sharpen details, and create a polished, professional finish. The resulting photos serve not only as representations of the product but also as compelling visual narratives that evoke desire and inspire potential customers.
  • We have created 2000+ listing photos for almost all kinds of consumer product categories Amazon has to offer and hence we have extensive experience in photographing a variety of products for Amazon.

Shoe Photography on White background for websites.

A lot of the product success starts from the product photo for the website or listing. A captivating product picture on white background is Amazon's requirement for the HERO Shot.

Ensure that your hero shots align with your brand's visual identity. Consistent branding helps customers recognize your products and builds trust.

  • To achieve professional shoes product photography, we start by selecting a seamless white background that complements the style of the shoes without distracting from them.
  • Ensure adequate lighting, either natural or artificial, to illuminate the shoes evenly and highlight their details.
  • Position the shoes at flattering angles to showcase their design, silhouette, and key features effectively. Pay attention to composition, balancing negative space with the product to create visually appealing images.
  • We utilize props sparingly, if at all, to avoid detracting from the main focus—the shoes themselves. Experiment with different perspectives and depths of field to add visual interest and dimension to the photographs.
  • Capture both overall shots and close-ups to provide a comprehensive view of the shoes' style, construction, and materials. Finally, post-process the images to refine colors, sharpen details, and ensure a consistent and professional look across the entire set of photographs.

Volume Projects

We offer Volume Projects. Higher the number of images, lower is the pricing.

  • We offer Volume pricing based off Product categories. In order to offer an exact quote for the Volume projects, please send us an email or call us.
  • These discounts typically operate on a sliding scale, with the cost per image decreasing as the quantity increases. For example, a photographer might offer a lower rate per image for a batch of 100 product photos compared to a batch of 50. The aim is to encourage clients to consolidate their photography needs into larger projects, which can be more efficient for both parties.
  • Quantity discounts are often negotiated as part of a broader contract or agreement between the client and EtherArts. We ensure that despite the discount, the quality of each image remains consistent, maintaining the brand's visual standards across the entire collection

Volume Projects

We offer Volume Projects. Higher the number of images, lower is the pricing.

We offer Volume pricing based off Product categories. In order to offer an exact quote for the Volume projects, please send us an email or call us.

  • Brand Storytelling: Sellers can use A+ Content to tell their brand story. This is an opportunity to showcase the unique aspects of the brand, its values, and the benefits of the products.
  • Educational Content: A+ Content provides a platform for educational content about the product. Sellers can highlight key features, demonstrate product usage, and address frequently asked questions to help customers make more informed purchase decisions.
  • Improved Conversion Rates: The visually appealing nature of A+ Content can contribute to higher conversion rates by providing customers with a more engaging and convincing product presentation.


A few handbags-shoes photography samples done for clients selling on shopify, woocommerce, amazon etc.


MK Purse

Amazon Product Hero Shot





Transparent Purse

Purse hero shot for Amazon












Bag with pearls





Transparent Purse

With strap



with wheels








Our Handbags and Shoes Photography Pricing is the lowest in Atlanta GA and USA. We offer Volume Discounts depending on the number of photos to be done as well as the type of product to be shot. Below is a rough estimate of our photography prices. Contact us for an exact quote.


$30-$55* / pic

  • Single shoe in each pic
  • Pair* in 1 shot may be additional
  • Ghost Shoes -starts from $45/pic
  • High-res on white background


$45-$70 / pic

  • Stylized
  • Depends on Display Idea
  • Props may be additional
  • Styling Needs to be discussed


$20-$30 / photo

  • 100+ photos projects
  • Depends on the PRODUCT
  • Share your project details
  • Email/Call for exact quote

Handbags-Shoes PHOTOGRAPHY FAQ s

Here are some Frequently asked questions regarding handbags photography

  • With over 18 years of experience specializing in handbags/shoes photography, we bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to every project.

  • Our photography style focuses on capturing the essence of your handbags/shoes products while ensuring they resonate with your brand's aesthetic and target audience

  • We utilize high-quality cameras, lenses and lighting equipment specifically tailored for handbags/shoes photography to ensure impeccable results.

  • We offer comprehensive retouching services to enhance your handbags/shoes images, maintaining a natural look while ensuring they meet your standards. Most edits are included in the pricing, however any specific modifications or manipulations to the existing product photo may be charged additional. We discuss this before the start of the project.

  • Our typical turnaround time for delivering edited photos is 1 , ensuring prompt delivery without compromising on quality.

  • We offer Per-Photo Rate, especially when photographing a larger quantity of items. Our rates for handbags/shoes photography vary depending on the scope of the project and specific client requirements. We offer transparent pricing with detailed packages outlining what's included.

  • We're well-versed in handling challenges specific to handbags-shoes photography, such as capturing texture and color accuracy, using advanced techniques and equipment. We keep in touch with our clients throughout the photography process. Emails, phone conversations are all open communication to understand and verify the apparel photography styling.


How Handbags-Shoes Photography Process works?

  • Email us or call us. As every product is unique, we follow a custom approach for every product. We will offer the Industry lowest quote for your project. Let us know what kind of apparel it is and the kind of styling you need, as also the types of files you wish to have. The quote considers all these aspects of the project.

  • We will discuss your product in detail and brainstorm ideas to create attractive images as needed. We make sure to include your ideas as well in this process.

  • With more than a decade experience as professional photographer, we will create stunning product images which will kill your competitors. Definitely to be the trending photo styling!

  • Most of our projects are completed within 1 week-10 days. We will have the images ready for preview and contact you via email.

  • At this time we will review the images and include/exclude/edit certain aspects of the images. We typically take the client feedback and move towards completion.

  • We do take 50% payment as a deposit before we kick-start the project. The remaining payment can be made after previewing and approving the final images.

  • For Group shots- we do not share individual images of the products which are used to make collages. The pricing is offered for the final images only and hence comes along with the individual components which can not be separately provided. No RAW files are provided. Sets are considered as 2 pieces and shot separately to be merged in to 1 photo and hence charged accordingly.

  • Images that are delivered as high resolution 300 DPI jpeg files are perfect for use in print. Optionally, we are also able to deliver a maximum resolution of over 20 megapixels for print resolution for large prints and product packaging. As most of the images are used online, we shoot them at 85 DPI at 1800-2000 pixels large and charge less for such images. However when you need Print-worthy images or 300dpi, we offer that at a small additional charge of $5-$15/pic, depending on how large you need them for your print purpose. We can also re-size them on demand. For PNG (transparent background images), we charge an additional $5-$10 per file. We do not offer any working PSD files or RAW files. Only deliverables are white background JPG, PNG and other formats (except working PSD). It is necessary to know the project requirement for these files so the quote is offered accordingly.


Read our Google/Amazon Photography Reviews from our clients we have worked for. Check all FIVE STAR REVIEWS on Google

Etherarts does great work and their prices are very reasonable. They can handle more complex things like shiny surfaces and reflections/shadows. I have been using them for years and I have always been happy with their work. Highly recommended!

Jeff Schultz

Amazon Products

Best product photographer I’ve ever worked with. I hesitated when I learned that Ms Aarti works from home but boy was I wrong. My images look a whole lot better than my competitors at Amazon. Her imagination is beyond belief and that’s what separates her from anybody else in this business. She never ceases to amaze me. Her works speak for themselves. Thanks Ms Aarti. You’re amazing.

Olby Beauchard

Amazon FBA

Ether Arts did a fabulous job photographing my jewelry line, LiseLibby. They understood the type of photo I wanted and worked hard to make sure they delivered what I wanted. Their prices were reasonable and their communication at every step excellent. Would highly recommend them.

Lisa OHaire

Jewerly Store Owner

I am going to sing the praises of EtherArts Product Photography & Graphics for a moment. I was searching countlessly for a photographer online. Out of desperation, I googled "Atlanta product photography" and came across this business. I'm so glad I did. Aarti is well versed in Amazon's image requirements. Because this is my first product, I greatly depended on her guidance, experience, and expertise. Aarti was professional and patient with me every step of the way. I can be a bit of a perfectionist, so I appreciate her attention to detail. Her rate is competitively priced. I recommend Aarti hands down for your product photography needs, especially if you're launching a product on Amazon. She has my repeat business in the future.

Naquan Tripp

Baby blanket-Amazon

The work done by Aarti was awesome, the communication the best and the time of delivery and the price perfect. The change was noted instantly with the sales. Highly recommended. In my case I found the photographer for my amazon photos. Thanks

Ernesto Requejo