How to create Infographic Listing Photos for your Amazon Listings

For a long time now, I have been wanting to write about how to create infographic images for Amazon listings.

Infographics’ or ‘Information Photography‘  or ‘Information provided via graphics’ is a Vital way of providing the necessary information about the product on the product photo itself.

Such pictures help in visually gathering all the information related to the product facilitating a quick decision making process for a sale. Here are some important steps you need to follow while creating infographics for Amazon Photography.

FirstGather all information related to the product. Your photographer or graphics person will need to understand your product in totality. The demographic market it serves, the product usage, product specifications and any other important details of the product.

SecondCreate a flow chart.

Amazon Product Photographer

Amazon photography

Make sure you know the correct way of use of the product. This will help creating a flow chart for the infographic image. For eg- a dog seat cover in use. You will strictly need to follow the steps carefully while creating this infographic. Any step missing will hinder the message it has to pass to the viewer thereby creating a confusion.


Third Add details at a specific location on the images. 

Infographics Shots

While adding the details of the product on the images, make sure to add them at the correct locations on the image. For eg- A snorkel mask carrying bag- The link zoom in should be in the right corner just so that it is actually closer to the link on the bag. While some details may allow this, others can be placed approximately on the same side the detail occurs on the product photo. This way the viewer does not lose track of the flow. This allows for a smooth flow of information in the Infographic shot.


Fourth Finally make sure to add proper text alongside the important aspect of that part of the product. Wrong text or spelling errors create a very poor impression on the viewers giving a notion of ‘Unprofessional Seller’ . This can lead to No Sales or Return Sales.


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