Product Photography Process

Relaxed, Quick & Simple Process

Work Flow

Email Us

Fill in the Contact Form to get in touch. Give us some idea about what you need photographed and any other detail you can provide. You can also send an email to us at We shall give you a gestimate for the turnaround time. On receipt of email, we shall offer to you our Lowest Product Photography Rates for the project. If approved, you can prepare the items for dispatch to our location. Best way to contact us is through Contact Form/ Email. We reply to them ASAP (even if we are busy shooting).

Ship Items Carefully

Pack each product very carefully. Avoid items which have scratches, dents, kinks and any unwanted surface aberrations. This is important as our high capability lenses are capable of capturing even the smallest particle on the item. Please add a copy of your address or visiting card, business card so we can get in touch with you to inform about the receipt of the shipment. Also, please include a return shipping label for us to ship items back to you. If you prefer not to do so, we can add extra shipping charges to the invoice. We request you to please send tracking numbers of the shipment OR Opt for 'Sign on Receipt' mailing option.

Drop Off

For Local clients, we encourage to drop off items at our location. We are available for drop offs/pick ups on Weekends too. You can schedule this 2 days earlier so we can accomodate the request. We understand the convenience of our client and will do as much as we can to accomodate any such pick ups. We will be able to share more information once we decide to start on the work.


If you have the exact idea of how the product needs to be displayed/ arranged/ angled, send us a link to similar item OR Snap Shots of your ideas. This helps to understand the requirements. If No images/ideas are shared, we will proceed the shots as per our experience and expertise. In case angles and shots confirmation is done during the discussions, all shots as discussed will be charged once the work begins. These shots can not be changed after we complete the work and will be charged.

Depending on the Project value, we do take a small deposit amount $100-$125 before we can start on the project.


It is now time for us to work and for you to relax. We will discuss/ check your order details and start our work accordingly. Any changes, display issues will be discussed prior to the work. We will keep you updated on the progress of the shoot. This process of getting the final images may take up to 4-5 days ( depending on the number of items to be done). We will need the items with us during this period. This is necessary for color correction and other edits that might be necessary.


Once images are completed, we offer a preview of the compressed watermarked images. You can take a relaxed look at them all and let us know if all looks OK. If any changes need to be made at this point, it is a good time to do so. Any changes which are different from the initial shots requested will be charged. Once approved, we start with our Payment part.


We accept checks, Cash and PayPal. PayPal/Online transactions via Square incurs an additional 3% charge. This is because our pricing is already the lowest in the US with no compromise on picture quality. All payment needs to be done before the final images can be released to you. NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE! In case of payment by check, we will need to receive the check/instrument and the check CLEARED in the bank before we can release the images to you. This may take an additional 24-36 hours before we can release the images. NO POST DATED CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
WE WILL NOT RELEASE THE IMAGES BEFORE THE CHECK IS CLEARED. Our Bad experiences with BAD CHECKS have compelled us to do so. Incase of rush, we request you to opt for Online Payment. We can email, dropbox, Burn a CD ($10) of the images as preferred by you.


We will carefully pack all your items and return ship them to your location. If no shipping label is available, we will add the shipping charges to the invoice. The return shipping charges are the client's responsibility. Our Shipping day is Saturday Or the following Monday. This way we are able to ship out most of our return shipments in 1 visit to the postoffice.


All images unpaid for will be deleted after 20 days and the items if not picked up (unless specifically communicated to us via email) will be the property of EtherArts Photography. Shots unpaid for are Copyright of EtherArts Photography. We will pursue Legal Action against violators if we find that such shots are used for commercial purpose. All images unpaid for are kept on a 'Watch List' under the Copyright Law for a span of 2 years. The items if not picked up will be property of EtherArts Photography. We reserve the right to gift, donate or discard these unpicked items without the consent of the client .


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