7 Wonders of Amazon Photography For Successful Product Listing– EtherArts Amazon Photographer Tips For Listing Photos

Amazon product listing photos should be like story book pages. Each Product Photo must tell a unique story about the product in its own interesting and captivating style!

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Hiring EtherArts Product Photography elevates the overall quality of the images and improves the chances of success on Amazon's highly competitive marketplace.

"Success on Amazon requires careful planning, diligent execution, and ongoing optimisation. It is essential to conduct thorough research, offer high-quality products, optimise listings effectively, market products, manage inventory efficiently, prioritise customer satisfaction, and comply with Amazon's policies to maximise the chances of success.
Investing in high-quality product photography for your Amazon listings is crucial for creating a positive first impression, building trust, differentiating your product, increasing conversions, and generating organic exposure. It is an effective way to enhance the overall appeal of your products and maximise your chances of success on the platform. While that is not enough, finding the correct product photographer who can create these wonders is extremely difficult given the existing high pricing structures studios have
At EtherArts Product Photography, our highly experienced Amazon photographer follows an in-depth idea creation for each photo. They believe that the Amazon listing must look like a story book. Each picture should tell a story about the product in its own way. A very technical photo listing can mar the listing success and not many customers are interested in a complex graphic design or table. An easy way of expression is the way to go.
Photo 1- HERO SHOT: Mainly called as the Hero Shot- EtherArts Product Photographer Aarti, captures this shot after careful research of the Best Seller, Amazon's Best Seller and the top sellers on Amazon in the similar product category. A unique product photo is a must Have for the Hero shot. Following Amazon's image regulations is mandatory for the listing's approval. This product photo showcases the product, its packaging and any other accessories it comes with all combined in 1 shot.

Photo 2- Alternate Product shot: Next page of the Amazon product story- An alternate product shot. This shot should showcase just the product with its basic components. EtherArts creates such images with careful consideration of the main functionality of the product.

Photo3- Infographics Photo: A crucial component of Amazon Photography.At EtherArts Photography, our product photographers divide the product information in 2 separate photos called infographics. These are information graphics which showcases the unique selling features of the product with out inundating it. Bold letters with zoom in photos of the product features is extremely important in bringing the customers attention to those details. It is effective to call our the external features of the product like, product material, color, shape, form, in this infographic.

Photo 4- Infographics Photo: Another extended information graphics.In an effort to not inundate photos with technical information, it is best to distribute the information in 2 separate photos. We call out in detail, minute features like ergonomics of the product, how it helps in achieving a result doing an activity, etc in this infographic shot.

Photo 5- Dimensions: How to install- Sizing Chart Product photographer Atlanta recommends dedicating this product photo to mention the Dimensions of the product, Or A Step by step how to , Or a Product Sizing Chart. This photo definitely reduces the returns on products as buyers are aware of the actual size of the product or how to install leaving the guess work behind.

Photo 6- Lifestyle to create Emotional connection: Effective product photography goes beyond showcasing a product; it also strives to evoke emotions and establish connections with potential customers. By incorporating lifestyle or context-driven imagery, EtherArts demonstrates how their products can enhance the lives of customers. Whether it's portraying a cozy scene with a soft blanket or an adventurer conquering the great outdoors with high-quality camping gear, well-crafted visuals can trigger desire, aspiration, and emotional resonance, encouraging customers to imagine themselves owning and using the product.

Photo 7- Lifestyle – in combination with Brand Identity.: Consistency in Amazon product photography is essential for maintaining a strong brand identity. By adhering to a consistent style, background, and visual language, sellers can create a recognizable and memorable online presence. Consistency builds trust and loyalty among customers, as they learn to associate specific visual cues with a brand they trust. This, in turn, helps businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace, fosters brand recognition, and reinforces the perceived value and quality of their products.


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