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Are you into the jewelry business? If yes, you would be looking for ways to attract more customers to sell your jewelry pieces. One of the best ways is to focus on jewelry photography. The more appealing your jewelry pieces look on your websites, the higher the chance of people buying them. That is exactly why you must hire a professional jewelry photographer. Apart from that, knowing the tips for the best jewelry photography is important.


Here are some of the tips to ensure the best jewelry photography. Let’s take a look!


  • Use Simple Backgrounds

Most businesses have the view that simple backgrounds, especially white backgrounds, are boring. They may not be able to appeal to the target audience. However, it is a misconception. In the case of jewelry, white and simple backgrounds work the best. They ensure that your product is what the customers will see first. Moreover, it can also help in showcasing the right color of the jewelry pieces. The best thing about using simple backgrounds is that they are affordable and easy to edit.

  • Leverage Sturdy Tripods

When you want to photograph your unique jewelry collections, it is ideal to use tripods. Wondering why? A simple answer to this is that it can make it easy for you to adjust the aperture and focus points. It ensures that the camera is in a stable position and allows for capturing sharp images with great precision. For the best results, make sure to use a sturdy tripod.

  • Use Fewer Props

In most lifestyle product photography, brands think of using many props to attract the attention of the customers. However, too many props can actually be disturbing and distracting. They can shift the focus of your target audience away from the product. If you want to ensure your jewelry pieces are at the center of focus, make sure to use fewer props. Maybe you can just use a mannequin to show how the jewelry piece can be worn. It can help in avoiding distractions and ensuring budget-friendly photography.

  • Manage Reflections

Reflections are one of the common problems when it comes to jewelry photography. The metals and gemstones are highly reflective. So, avoiding reflections and capturing the best product images can be challenging. An easy way to get rid of the reflections is to use paper at the bottom and around the camera. It helps block reflections and gives more light to the subject or jewelry piece.

  • Invest in Lighting Setup

The lighting setup you choose can significantly impact the quality of your jewelry image. For jewelry photography, a ring light can be the best option. Softboxes can also be a good choice, and they produce even and soft light.


Clicking the perfect jewelry picture may seem to be difficult. However, with the right tips, it is simple and easy. Ether Arts Photography can be the perfect choice for you if you are looking for jewelry photography at affordable product photography pricing.


What are the common mistakes in jewelry photography?

The common mistakes in jewelry photography are reflections, poor lighting, and inconsistent backgrounds.

Which lighting should be used for jewelry photography?

It is best to use soft lighting for jewelry photography.


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