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Do you own clothing business in Atlanta? If yes, you would be using ghost mannequin photography. The ghost mannequin technique is ideal for showcasing your exclusive clothes to enthusiastic shoppers. However, leveraging the effect correctly is the key to better outcomes.


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Ghost Mannequin Photography


Here are some helpful tips for ensuring the best ghost mannequin photography in Atlanta.

  • Choose the Right Mannequin

Mannequins come in different sizes. So, for your lifestyle product photography, choosing the right mannequin size is important. Select a mannequin that properly fits your product. It can help bring out the best of your apparel and highlight the key details better. However, if your mannequin doesn’t fit your product perfectly, you can consider using clips or pins. Try choosing the mannequins with removable shoulders and arms for a customizable shape.

  • Take Back Shots

While making a purchase, people want to view the product from all angles. It is the same in the case of clothing. However, many businesses take the front shots only and overlook the back shots. Try to take back shots when using a mannequin to represent your clothing. It will ensure highlighting all the details of the clothing. As a result, consumers can make purchasing decisions much more easily.

  • Ensure a Proper Setup

For the best mannequin photography, a proper lighting setup is a must. To get top-quality images, it is important to create a studio ambience. The essential equipment you will require for a proper setup includes a high-quality camera, an umbrella, studio lights, and a white backdrop.

  • Shoot for Symmetry

If you want to ensure easy editing for your ghost mannequin photos, then symmetry is what you should focus on. You can consider taking photographs from shoulder height for perfect symmetry. All other angles can be either distorted or unflattering. Moreover, before capturing the images, ensure the garment lines are straight. To ensure symmetry, you can use tapes and pins on the garments.

  • Select the Right Lighting

Like any other photography, lighting also matters in the case of ghost mannequin photography. So, try using the right lights to capture all the details of the garments in the clearest way possible. Cooler lighting works well for the images of clothing. It helps in ensuring optimum contrast and displays the color of the garments in a natural way.

  • Choose Right Angles for Shooting

Shooting from the right angle is important to provide more clarity to the customers about the product. When it comes to mannequin photography, it is best to shoot from all angles to provide the shoppers with a complete picture of the garments.



Now that you know the ghost mannequin photography tips, you can start using them. With quality photographs, attracting customers and increasing sales becomes easy. Ether Arts Photography can be a perfect go-to place to avail of photography services at great product photography pricing



How to effectively photograph a mannequin?
To photograph a mannequin, it is important to ensure that the mannequin is at the center of the camera frame.

Can white backgrounds be used for ghost mannequin photography?
Yes, white backgrounds are used for ghost mannequin photography. 


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