Why Do We Need High-quality Product Images for eCommerce Sites?

If you have ever tried to sell your products online, you already know you need good images. The images that must be used for listing on eCommerce platforms must be high quality. This is what makes eCommerce product photography of such importance for online sellers.

If you are planning to sell on popular eCommerce sites such as Amazon and eBay, you must understand the importance of high-quality images created by professional product photographers. We here explain why you need high-quality product images for your eCommerce sites.

Importance Of Professional Product Photography


Products images are the first thing your customers see


Product images capture attention which is why they must accurately represent the product. As online shopping restricts buyers from physically touching or evaluating a product, only product images help them consider a product to decide if it matches their expectations. Whether it’s color, size, style, or any other product quality, it must be clearly represented in the product images. It is why you must hire an eCommerce product photographer for the job. Shoppers make visual judgments very quickly; you must use high-quality product images for a great first impression.

High-quality images help customers better understand products


The modern online shopping experience is all about convenience. When customers cannot physically handle or use your product, the onus is on you to help them understand your products. The only way to achieve this is through high-quality product images taken to provide the information customers need to understand your product. If you can provide information through product images that the customers want, they will most likely come back for more. eCommerce product photography is the way to create explanatory product images.

Product images create a brand value


Good product photos act as the brand value propositions conveying your brand and style in a simple yet impactful manner. There is no better way to make your brand more recognizable, as quality product images strengthen your brand reputation. It is difficult for small brands to compete with big sellers on platforms like Amazon. One of the most effective ways to stand out from the crowd is to use an eCommerce photography Atlanta service to create product images that can build customer trust and brand value together.

You get a competitive edge


Online shoppers are inundated with a large number of options for sorting products. It will be naive to think that they won’t compare your product with that of competitors making the final purchase decision. Product styles, ranges, ratings, and reviews matter when you are selling online. This is why you must present your products in the best possible light to make them appealing and enticing to capture the is of the customers. Also, accurately represented products are 22 times less likely to be returned as compared to poorly clicked products.

Increased sales and fewer returns


A reason for frequent product returns is the product not meeting the customers’ expectations. If your product images are lacking and do not accurately represent the products, customers will be disappointed when they receive the actual product. With high-quality product images, you maximize the ROI of your investments. The more information is provided by the product images, the easier it is for the customers to make the purchase decision. Providing useful product information is essential for increased sales and fewer returns as it encourages customers to buy and increases trust in your brand.

Increased social media sharing


Social media benefits online sellers in many ways, but the main driving force is sharing product images. An eCommerce product photography service can help you create attractive product images for social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. These are great places to generate buzz for your new products and create brand awareness. However, to encourage sharing product images on these platforms, you have to ensure they are high-quality and attractive.

Product photography fits into your overall selling strategy. It provides SEO benefits to boost sales as quality images help products appear in image searches. It also helps get your products listed in the shopping feeds on Google. The search engine has strict guidelines regarding which product images can feature in its shopping feeds on the search pages. High-quality and visually appealing photos can get into search engine feeds easily.


Professional eCommerce product photography is necessary to create high-quality product images that can help generate sales and build brand value. We hope the above reasons help you understand the importance of hiring a professional product photographer Atlanta for the job. With high-quality images, you not only generate sales but also get a competitive edge over other sellers.

EtherArts Photography is a reliable and experienced eCommerce product photography service in Atlanta helping online sellers with their affordable and quality offerings.

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