E-commerce Photographers Atlanta: The Key to Unlocking Your Business’s Potential

In contemporary times, the product photography is often referred to as e-commerce photography. And considering the massive impact of e-commerce on businesses, the demand for e-commerce photographers in Atlanta has increased significantly. In the second quarter of 2022, 3% of all website visits from a desktop converted into sales. However, the conversion rate hasn’t improved for smartphones and stood still at 2%. This may indicate an issue regarding user experience and seamless operation of the application.

Product photography accomplishes more than just conveying the specifications of a product. It creates a psychological impact on the customers. For example, researchers have found that the more vivid and detailed an image is, it increases the sense of ownership within the viewer. So, you can significantly influence your customers’ purchase decisions by using professional product photography.

5 Useful Product Photography Tips to Boost Sales


7 Ways Professional Product Photography Can Increase Conversion:

  1. Website aesthetics – The first impression matters the most on the web. Be it the content or the images; if you’re unable to attract the consumer within the first few seconds, you’ll lose them. Professional photographs enhance the aesthetics and presentation of your website. They also ensure the cohesion between brand photography and other branding efforts.
  2. Break down complex ideas – Complex ideas or in this case complex looking products can be easy to understand using clear and high-resolution photographs. For example, small parts of different machinery and so on. Using clear photographs can help your consumers to set the right expectations from the brand and therefore, improve the conversion rate.
  3. 360-degree views – 360-degree photos have a significantly positive impact on the consumer purchase decision. This helps them to understand the product specification and ensure the usability of the same. And only a professional can take a 360-degree photo of your product while adhering to the necessary guidelines.
  4. Product videos – Any and all e-commerce platforms require product videos nowadays. And these videos cannot be taken from just a smartphone without proper set-up, lighting and props. Product photographers will provide you with a short video of your product, that you can upload to attract customers.
  5. Increase social share Professional product photography ensures the images being used in your website and e-commerce platforms are attractive. Hence, customers and viewers are more likely to share such photographs on their social media. Thereby increasing product visibility and reach.
  6. Improve user experience – As mentioned earlier, the conversion rate for smartphones is quite low for e-commerce platforms. Professional product photographers can ensure that your photographs adhere to Amazon and other guidelines. This will automatically improve user experience, thereby the conversion rate.
  7. Trust and credibility – Professionally taken photographs using the right lighting and framing can instill better trust and credibility among the audience. And if you can develop a relationship based on trust and credibility with your target audience then your conversion rate will skyrocket!

In conclusion
Product photography is not a complex topic. Rather it is an essential one, especially in the contemporary days of e-commerce and online shopping. The above-mentioned points will help you to find the right photographer for your brand.

Find the best e-commerce photographers in Atlanta, and increase your conversion rate more than your competitors!

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