Why Should You Use A Professional For Amazon Product Photography?

Trying to launch your own product by getting Amazon to sell it can help your business to notch up quick profits. The only catch here being the quality of product images! You have to go over the rules and regulations of Amazon regarding the quality of the photographs accepted and ty to comply as best as you can. Sure, you can do it yourself by following the guidelines closely but it definitely makes sense to get in touch with an experienced product photographer Atlanta to don the role of your assistant. Do not grudge the few dollars that you have to pay the professional for providing you with top notch service pertaining to product photography. You will find the advantages will far outweigh the expenses thus making you happy when your business begins to do well courtesy the superb photos.

You will actually find that you can: –

Save Time– Editing and retouching the photographs taken by you could be time consuming task especially when it is your first opportunity of taking product photographs. You would also have to be extremely skilled and quick at retouching techniques via Photoshop or any other photo editing software. Forget trying your hand at it if you are a novice and leave the task to thorough professionals instead.

Handle your core business– Stop trying to something half heartedly and turn towards the core competencies that you can do well. It would be advisable for you to turn towards marketing, procurement and selling the items while product photography is taken over by true professionals who have both the expertise as well as the experience in dealing with the job.

Software Skills– You may be a whiz at taking selfies but that will not make you an expert product photographer though.  You cannot be a photographer par excellence by simply pointing the camera at a product. You would also have to edit the image afterwards. Do go ahead if you have already mastered using the photo editing software but refrain from doing it if you are not too sure of your own skills.

Facility– You would also need to have a separate room in the form of a studio or at least a facility where you can get to do Amazon photography USA. While you would have to have the right surface and well as a number of cameras plus a tripod for shooting the products, the backdrop may have to be changed in accordance to the requirement. A white background and a flash bulb along with diffused lights are essential to shoot a product from different angles. You would also have to have a PC or laptop handy for retouching the images and editing all the problem areas via a photo editing software.

Amazon is pretty finicky about the kind of photographs it has on the website. So, you must be exceedingly careful about the following while trying to put together a portfolio of images to be submitted to Amazon, USA.

  • It should be art or a professional photograph
  • No drawings or illustrations are allowed to be uploaded
  • The main product should be clicked against a white background
  • The product should occupy at least 85% of the space


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