Why is it Important to Have a White Background in Product Photography?

The revolution of e-commerce business has reshaped the way people do business nowadays. Doing any transactions online, be it ordering food, or buying groceries or shopping for apparels, people are online more than ever before.

Despite all the competitive pricing and attractive discounts, online business success depends on another critical factor and that is product images. The first impression of an online store is dependent on good quality photography.

Creating a product listing on your website with a white background product photography has enormous advantages.  The majority of online shoppers feel that more than the product information, reviews, and ratings, it is the product photo, which is critical for making that buying decision. More than anything else, product photos give shoppers a sense of what they are buying.  Survey has shown that product photos with a white background have a higher conversion rate.

Reasons for having white Background Photography

There are mainly two types of Product Photography – Lifestyle photography and Product photography.

Lifestyle product photos show the usage of the products, whereas Product-only photos are clean photos of the product, taken on a white background.

Reasons for having white Background Photography

  • They ensure that your products stand out. The white color offers consistency and continuity for products having different styles and colors. It also ensures the least amount of distractions.
  • For any beginner, it becomes easier to shoot and edit product photos with white backgrounds
  • Many online stores working on a tight budget, would also like to have the product photos used in marketing as well.
  • It is easier to upgrade from white to color. Editing any product display for color or anything else, a white background is easy to edit.

Whether it is hiring a freelancer or a professional product photographer in Atlanta, or an Amazon photographer who specializes in various product image specifications required by the website, one requirement is a must, and that is a white background for product display.

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