White Background Product Photography for Amazon

Your brand’s products are supposed to be the center of attention. It beats the purpose if the product does not meet the customer’s eye immediately. And we’re all distracted customers where brands are trying to get our attention creatively. One way is through white background product photography that is simple and easy. You can do it too or hire a professional if you’re looking for an Amazon photography service. You want to make sure it’s perfect so the photos clicked can be used for other promotional purposes as well.

White background photography requirements

If you plan on a DIY then we’ll tell you what you need. Here’s a shortlist.

  • Photo-editing software

Learn the ropes on photo-editing software because you will need it for applying finishing touches to the product image. Apart from this, during editing, you will have to remove the physical white background behind the product in the image, if required.

  • Lightbox

This equipment is made from a white see-through material that allows light to shine through. It softens direct light for minimal shadows. You can get this product readymade online. If you want to DIY this too then use a cardboard box and white fabric.

  • 100 Watt daylight light bulbs

These are light sources needed for your product. You should get at least three; one for each light.

  • Clamp lights

A clamp light has a clamp (duh!) to use for leveling the light rays upon the object. You can buy clamp lights at a local shop or online too. Make sure you have enough space to maintain its placement and adjustment.

  • Camera 

This is obvious but you need a type of camera that enables configuration settings. Your time to get technical is here!

  • A tripod stand

This is optional but it won’t hurt to have one.

Amazon photography service at Ether Arts

White background photography is mostly used for products to be displayed on e-commerce platforms. Therefore, we have hired some of the best photographers certified in Amazon photography. Our Amazon photography service is approved. We follow all the guidelines and regulations required to meet the specifics of any image.

professional product photography tips

Amazon requires white background images as this platform wants to enable customers to understand a product without any distractions. So, products that can depict its use and look aesthetically appealing are likely to show-up faster on this portal.

We click products in a way to inspire product interest and encourage purchase decisions by the customer. We don’t just click products to make them look good but also consider how the target audience looks at the product.

So, getting it right matters the most as you proceed with taking a product photoshoot upon yourself. On the other hand, you can hire us for white background product photography that is low cost with a fast turnaround time.

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