What you need to set up your own photoshoot

Product photography plays a huge role in the success of your product’s listing to attract and convert customers. Your e-marketed listed images need to meet Amazon’s technical requirements. These images should be able to encourage people to buy your products. Two different photos of the same product can generate different results in online sales on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and the likes. The right photo can make all the difference, which is what a professional product photography service can do for you.

Why do you need a Product Photographer

Can you click your own product photos professionally?
If you’re a small or medium-sized business, we can see why you may be tempted to DIY a product photoshoot. We still recommend that you try our services because professional photography is as accurate as it gets. If you want to check our product photography pricing, head over to our website. You’ll get a range of services, including Amazon product photography, at affordable pricing.

Now, getting back to what you need if you want to set up your photo shoot.

  • Arrange a white backdrop – Amazon and other e-commerce brands require a white background, so the products clicked are easily viewable by the browsing customer. So grab a white sheet or a large piece of white fabric; a white bed sheet will do too. Will it look professional? It depends on how you place it up against the wall. Iron the sheet, if possible, before putting it up.


  • Let there be light – Without proper lighting, your product cannot justify the quality you wish to communicate to your audience. Choose a spot indoors with near natural light and a flat surface where you can place your product. If your product is small, like a razor, choose a flat table and a white sheet to get started with the photo shoot. Click a few photos using different angles and positions. Keep the lighting in mind when clicking and see where it takes you.


  • Use your smartphone – Not our recommendation but if you insist, use your smartphone. Also, if your smartphone does not have a high-quality camera, don’t sweat it! Connect with us to give you the product photography service that converts customers. Oh, and we won’t use a smartphone, but the real deal. Okay, some iPhones and high-quality android phones can do a lot better than you expect, but remember that an image can define your road to increased sales.


  • Photo editing apps – Use a photo editing app to eliminate the shaded white background that you’ll get on your phone screen. That’s right, when you click from your phone; the white background appears with different shades of white, ranging from beige to grey. So, use an editing app with features that you can use to eliminate this problem and give you a white monochrome background.


We are a Chicago-based Photography studio, and we provide easy on your pockets product photography pricing. We don’t use smartphones, which means that there are lesser chances of grave errors. Our team is professional and experienced, which means that you save time on elaborate photoshoots and get the best photos delivered to you online.

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