What to Expect from an Expert Jewelry Photographer

Taking pictures of jewelry is different from other kinds of product photography. By jewelry, we mean ornaments (rings, necklaces, earrings, and likewise) and watches. They are more challenging to capture because of the smooth and shiny surfaces. These pieces can easily catch reflections ruining the picture or adding distortions that are difficult to edit. Jewelry also demands more detailing and magnification so the buyers can check the intricacies and little details, incorporated in the design. So, the depth of field has to be defined to bring out the details. So, as we mentioned, it’s challenging! Nevertheless, it is not impossible if you know the correct techniques followed by a jewelry photographer, which we will discuss in this blog.

Tips & Tricks Employed by Jewelry Photographers

Expert photographers use the following techniques when taking pictures of jewelry:


Get the Right Equipment

Since jewelry photography is different from normal product photography, you need to get the appropriate equipment for the job. Here is a list of things you need.

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Table
  • Lighting source
  • White background
  • Clamps and tape
  • Lighting board


These are the basic things you need for standard photography of jewelry products.

Consistency in Pictures

There should be consistency in the pictures that you take. Too many variations can distract the buyers. To nail that, you should keep everything starting from camera settings and background to equipment positioning accurate. If needed you may take notes so that if your need to continue the shoot on another day, you will not have to start from scratch.

Simple Backdrop

Don’t try to play too much with colors and designs when choosing the backdrop while posting the pictures. This can create distractions too. It’s best to take the picture against a white background and then post it against a neutral backdrop so the design is more defined and the details are more visible. Go to any notable jewelry site; they usually pick the colors white or grey or black, at least for the product display and description.

Remove the Reflections

Jewelry and watches are shiny and hence they catch reflections of nearby objects like the camera easily. These reflections, if not eliminated, can look like distortions in the design when posted. You would not want that! So make sure that there are no reflections on the photo. An expert jewelry photographer will know what to do.

Pictures from Different Angles

You need shots from different angles so the buyers get a 360-degree view of the product. It gives a more magnified view of the product where all the delicate designs are visible from all angles. With such detailings, it becomes easy for the buyer to feel more assured about the quality of the product.

Jewelry Photography Atlanta - EtherArts Product Photography


Jewelry photography is done best by a pro because for an amateur it will be difficult to get a hand in such detailing. One needs experience for such jobs. If you urgently need a jewelry photographer for your ecommerce product needs, then you can connect with EtherArts Product Photography. The company has adequate experience in working with several jewelry brands offering quality work at affordable product photography pricing 


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