What to consider during a Professional Product Photoshoot

When you enter the studio of a professional photographer, you may be impressed with all the high-tech gadgets. You may also wonder what each device is used for and, more importantly, is so much necessary? The lighting, the angle, the props, and other aspects are considered before starting with the planning of a photoshoot. Some projects are conducted at a photo studio, while some are carried out at specific locations.

Some of the best services in product photography Miami has to offer cover all the above aspects. These studios, based on the range of their services, enlist product photography pricing with different packages. For instance, we at EtherArts Product Photography cater to customers in Miami as well. Our specialty comprises various styles of photography. From Amazon photography to jewelry, lifestyle, product, and cosmetics, we do the works among other types.



Besides the packaging, pricing, and high-tech gadgets, what goes into a photoshoot? It may be just a camera and some space to place the product, but other influencing factors significantly matter.

What to consider during a professional product photoshoot
It may always seem like something’s missing, but that’s just the nature of a photoshoot. It is a work of experimentations and experiential processes put together. So, let’s discover the things to consider during a photoshoot.

  1. Camera settings, even though obvious, are a must mention. The settings depend on the type of project. A portrait mode has very different camera settings from a landscape mode, and so on.
  2. Checking the weather is another number one priority that defines the natural source of lighting. It gives you a better idea of the equipment you will require. If it turns out to be a cloudy day expecting it to rain, then a cancelation may be on the cards.
  3. Again, the lighting is essential. So, lighting equipment is placed at strategic spots or locations. Photos are clicked from multiple angles to ensure that the photographer can understand which lighting and angle work best.
  4. A professional photographer will always be early on the sets to make all arrangements before everyone arrives.
  5. The professional photographer will always bring a Silver Reflector. This equipment is mainly used for portraits.
  6. Remove maximum clutter from the background. Although the photographer can blur the background through effects or replace it via software, it’s best to minimize clutter.

Sometimes, a photoshoot may not just run for a day. For instance, professional services in product photography Miami has to offer gives full attention to each project. If it has to take a few days to get all the photos right, no compromises are made. Our professional photographers, for instance, at EtherArts Product Photography studio, take up projects passionately as we believe in delivering only the best.

We do not rest until we’ve given the perfect experience to our customers and have met all their product imagery requirements. We provide royalty-free and web-ready images. Want to know more about our services, contact us and we will get in touch with you.

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