What the experts want to know during a Product Photography briefing Session

Several people wonder how pricing is evaluated for product photography. It depends on the nature of the product, its surface, the complete set of images required, images needed for each item, size of the product, and lastly, the group displays. Therefore, product photography pricing does not revolve around one factor but a set of conditions.

At EtherArts Product Photography, the pricing starts from $15. They provide an Amazon photography service too. It has a price range of $175-$450 per package.

Types of Product Photography to Ensure That You Have a Positive E-Commerce Business

Brands requiring product photography need to know what it entails as it is commonly thought that mobile is enough. This is not so! Mobile has its limitations like wide-angle, focus, lens apertures, etc.

“A good photograph comes with expertise and experience.”

For instance, an Amazon photography service can cost you enough but it is worth all the shots. These are photos you can repurpose for other platforms as well. A professional photographer will ensure that he or she knows everything about the product related to representing your brand.

What does a photographer need to know about your brand?
In product photography, it’s all about the brand story. Let’s take the example of a product line of skincare creams.

Your photographer should ask you the following questions. Even the most basic questions can help during a briefing session. Some of the questions may not seem relevant. Regardless, these questions help.

  1.    What skincare problems does your product solve?– This question helps the photographer understand the theme of the product line.
  2.    Is there a main ingredient that you use in all your skincare products?– Some products use aloe as their main products. The use of props will matter here.
  3.    Is there a regimen for each product?– If there is a day and night skincare regime then the lighting will matter.
  4.    What kind of environment do you need to showcase your brand?– Maybe the brand owner already has a theme in mind and would like to share it with the photographer.
  5.    What is your inspiration for making this brand?– This problem could again help with the theme.
  6.    What are the main colors of your brand?– The brand color is crucial to the photographer as they can determine the color or shade of the backdrop.
  7.    Do the products come in varying sizes?– The size of the product is required to define product placement.
  8.    Do you prefer a location for the photoshoot?– It could be a photo studio or another planned venue.
  9.    Will you be using human models for the photoshoot?– This helps the photographer understand what is expected during the photoshoot.
  10. Have you done a previous photoshoot for your brand?– To avoid repetition of style in photography.

This list of questions can help determine also product photography pricing. The questions are important for the photographer as they can identify the requirements of the photoshoot and its duration. For more details, contact EtherArts.


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