Transparent Product Photography- How to photograph PVC, Plastic or transparent products

PVC or transparent product photography is highly challenging product photography.  The reflections, glares can pose difficulties in getting the correct shot. This is where a balanced lighting knowledge will be tested. We at EtherArts Photography have done a lot of such PVC product photography for a variety of clients.

First make sure to create a white background set up. Plastic because of its transparency, will showcase all imperfections of the background you have created. Hence make sure to iron/steam the back background as well as the surrounding cloth. Best is to use streak free acrylic sheets as backgrounds.

No direct lights can be used. Highly Diffused lights is the way to go. Most of them preferably from the top angle helps to get just the right amount of light to lit up the set.

Try using higher Shutter Priority mode. A tripod in such a case is a must. You may have an exposure of around 3 seconds, in which case a trial error with the amount of light can be done. A couple of rough images will help you understand the required amount of lights for the shots. Too much light can harm the product photo as it gets white washed. Check the result!

PVC Products

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