Top Amazon Photography Tips for Your Products in 2022

What is the first thing you look up when shopping on Amazon in the US? What becomes the most decisive factor encouraging you to make a purchase? For most buyers, it’s the product image. In virtual shopping zones, where you cannot touch and feel the product, it’s the picture that does the job of convincing the buyer about the look and quality of the product. It gives a fair idea of what it can do for you and how you can use it. The picture is worth a thousand words mentioned in the description. That’s why; sellers rely on an Amazon photography service to make their offerings appealing to the online buyer. On that note, let’s check out the top product photography tips in 2022 for Amazon.


Lifestyle Product Photography Tips to Keep in Mind 

Here are a few product photography tips to take note of this year:


  1. Image Requirements

Amazon has a set of image requirements that you must follow:

  • Image format: Preferred format is JPEG. But you can also upload TIFF, PNG, or GIF (it should not be animation).
  • Image dimensions: It has to be 1000 pixels at least for the product can be zoomed in. The preferred image dimension is 1600 pixels for an optimal zoom effect.
  • Primary image inclusions: It should be a white background with only the product image.

These are the primary image requirements, which give your product better traction on Amazon. An Amazon photography service can help you with further details on product images.


  1. Technical Requirements

Here are some technical requirements to follow:

  • The filename extension should be correct (JPEG/ TIFF/ PNG/ GIF). So you should set the camera accordingly.
  • The color mode should be CMYK or sRGB.
  • While naming the product image, there should be no space or additional characters.
  • Shoot the product in RAW for easy scale down to avoid blurriness.


  1. Image Specs

The image specifications one needs to follow are:

  • White background. Like in apparel, you can use ghost mannequin photography, but the image background should be white.
  • Only the actual picture of the product is allowed, meaning no drawing or graphic presentation.
  • No additional graphics, inset images, or text.


  1. Infographic

It is recommended to include at last one infographic with the product image with essential details like product use, the importance of the product, or product assembling (if necessary). It adds more authenticity to the product, convincing the customer to buy it. Other than this, you can also add lifestyle product photography to enhance the product value.

Hire Amazon Photography Service & Boost Sales

To boost your product sales, it’s important to upload the best quality product images on Amazon, the leading online shopping platform in the US. Luckily, you have professional Amazon product photography services to help you with a quality presentation of the product. They will ensure that your product gets maximum attention from the customers due to flawless depiction, as per the ecommerce platform regulations. It’s a sure way of boosting your sales.

Amazon Listing Photography

Product Photography for Amazon Listing photos




How many product images does Amazon allow one to upload?
Amazon allows you to upload up to 8 pictures for each product.

Is it important to include an image of product packaging?
The advantage of adding the picture of product packaging is that the customers can get an idea of what they can expect when the product is delivered to them; its packaging form and shape. It builds trust between the seller and the customer.


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