Tips to Follow in Product Photography

Product photography is not as simple as it sounds. It requires equal aesthetic sense and a lot of experience in putting perception into practice.  A lot of it depends on how you wish to portray the product.

However, it must be ensured that the images engage, convert and boost the customer traffic. Product photography is basically using specific techniques to show products in an attractive manner. This is an important way to boost sales online and offline. They are an essential way to make interesting billboards, magazine ads, catalogues, brochures, and more. So, here are some tips to follow in a product photography:

Background setting and product set up:

  1. Right background makes editing easier: If the photo is taken against a white background, a lot of scope of changing the background remains. A white background product photography is therefore always preferred.

Right Product Photography background

  1. Setting up the product: Ensure that the product is placed on a flat stable surface right in front of the background. Make the display more creative. For clothing lines, you can use a hanger, instead of a mannequin. If you are photographing jewelry, try using a cardboard bust or use glues or pins, which can be easily removed while editing.

Setting up the Product for Product Photography

  1. Lighting is very important: One of the most important factors that decide the quality of a product photography is the light. Lighting can be very tedious to set up. You first have to ensure whether the product is best clicked under natural light or studio light. It is best to decide if the light is too harsh or too mellow before you set up the product. This will help you adjust the light with a cloth or a barrier.

Lighting - Product Photography

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