Things You Must Know While Commissioning Jewelry Photography

You might be a business owner selling your products from a brick and mortar store, or a chain of stores. But in spite of that, you still would need to have an online presence where customers can buy sitting at home. At your physical outlets, the customer can touch and feel your products. But on your website, you can only convey through words and pictures. That is why you need someone who can provide persuasive text and also do high-quality product photography Atlanta. Not only that, different product categories would need specific factors to be really effective. A soap manufacturer’s brief to the photographer would be very different from that of a garment manufacturer. One of the most difficult product categories is jewelry. The reason is that the product itself is so attractive physically, so to make it look even better in a photograph is no easy task. In case you are thinking of hiring a good jewelry photographer for your website or social media portal, here are some things you should be aware of.

Commissioning Jewelry Photography

  1. You need to remember that jewelry can be loud and heavy, but there is an increasing number of buyers today who prefer smaller jewelry pieces. The photography of such pieces is even more difficult because the beauty can only be showcased by highlighting the intricate detail, which needs very skilled photography. So pay special attention to the pictures of the smaller pieces.
  1. It is tempting to use a lot of bright lights during photography, in the hope that pictures will look even more dazzling. But unless the photographer is an expert, we would suggest he use natural light to begin with. In order to get the best out of natural light, your photographer should set up the shoot near windows, if possible.
  1. The best background for jewelry is white. Discuss with the photographer where he wishes to shoot. If there is a white wall or table available, otherwise you can get him to cover a piece of cardboard with bright white cloth or paper.
  1. Another suggestion you can give the photography team is to use small dots of glue to stick your jewelry pieces to the background surface. This will prevent jarring at the time the picture is being clicked. Also, you can move the cardboard background in different angles and directions to see which one catches the best light.
  1. Although this point is purely technical, yet it’s good to know for you as a client. For jewelry photography, it is best to stick to smaller apertures, which help the detailing come through in the picture. In case the picture you are shown isn’t able to highlight all details, then you can ask the photographer if he thinks a smaller aperture might help.
  1. Finally, you should know that apart from the glue we mentioned above, jewelry photographers often use a lot of props and wires during shooting, in order to keep the jewelry steady. You need to check whether the photographer has removed those from the photographs during post-processing.
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