SUPERIMPOSITIONS- The new way of In-Action Photography

Most commonly called as the Lifestyle Product Photography, this type of product photography is extremely crucial now a days for the sale of your product on Amazon.

Who doesn’t need a pretty model with sleek figure or a Male model with the perfect V shaped body to showcase a product over it? We all do need such models, but the costs are very high for such photo shoots. May be around $3000- $8000 per shoot. We have a easy solution to this problem- Superimpositions on Stock Images. The above image showcases the product – a knee sleeve worn by beautiful legs-essentially of a model. However this is the Superimposition Technique in use. The sleeves are photographed on a regular person-female and then the transparent image is superimposed on these beautiful legs of Stock Image Model.. Voila !! Picture worth $1000 for less than 1/100th of the cost.


Another example shared here is of a baby product- Turtle Bamboo Wash cloths. Such a cute baby is very difficult to cooperate as you like them to be. A Stock image comes in handy. The towels in the stock image are replaced by the Amazon product-wash cloths. And a cute picture is ready to sell it!!!

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About The Author

Aarti is a product photographer based in Atlanta, GA for over a decade now.