Six Image Requirements for Amazon Product Photography

With the spread of the internet, ecommerce has taken off rapidly across the world. If we take the example of Amazon, there are more than 300000 businesses in the United States of America alone who use the portal to sell their products. In the earlier days of brick and mortar stores, there was a possibility of the customer touching and feeling the product at the store. But with the spread of selling through Amazon, the description on the website would need to be good enough to convince the customer to buy. The one page product description and the accompanying photographs were all that the seller had to highlight the product features. That is why the business owner would need to employ a high quality product photographer Atlanta to show the products in best light on the Amazon page. Apart from the quality of the picture, it would also need to be technically optimized so that it could be easily viewed even on a smartphone. Let us take a quick look at six of the most important image requirements for an Amazon product page.

Why do you need a Product Photographer

Size – The longest size shouldn’t exceed 1001 pixels, and the recommended width is 2560pixels.

Image Frame – The optimized image should have 85% filled out with the image of the product.

Background – Good quality white background product photography is needed as per Amazon requirements.

Format – The photograph should be saved in any of the following file formats – JPEG, PNG, GIF or TIFF.

Type – The photograph on the Amazon product page should be either a cover art or should be taken by a professional Amazon photographer.

Filename – There is a standard naming convention to be followed. The recommended order is product identifier, followed by a period and then the file extension. No dashes, spaces and other characters are permitted in the file name.

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