Secrets of Photographing Jewelry Perfectly

Jewelry looks shiny and brilliant on catalogues. Have you ever wondered why they sparkle more on the pages and on your laptop and mobile screens, than in reality? Well, the secret lies in the tricks of reflective product photography. The extra-stunning, stellar diamond pendant and the irresistible diamond ring on the pages of the magazine, owe a lot to the jewelry photographer and their skills. Jewelry photography is not a very easy task and there are a lot of things to be kept in mind. Here are a number of things worth considering while clicking pictures of jewelries in order to bring out the best in them.

Jewelry Photography Atlanta - EtherArts Product Photography


  • Make sure that the jewelry is absolutely clean and tidy. The product to be photographed should never be smudged or unprepared.
  • Use macro-lens for the best results. When using DSLR camera to photograph jewelry, using macro lens ensures the best results.
  • Make the things simple. Keep the background as simple as possible so that most or the maximum focus lies on the piece of jewelry being photographed.
  • Stabilize your camera for the best results.


Jewelry Photographer Atlanta - EtherArts Product Photography

Photography, really can be learnt through trial and error and if you are not confident enough about your skills, opt for a cosmetics photography service that will help you get the best photography results.

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