Professional product photography can boost your sales: Here’s how

The world in 2023 believes in online solutions. From daily essentials to once-in-a-lifetime purchases such as houses, we search, research, and finalize purchases online in 2023. It is a no-brainer that products in online portals have to face levels of competition never seen before. In this competitive environment, product placement, SEO and copywriting, social media ads, and influencer collaborations are only some ways products are being promoted.

Professional product photography services are the base for all these other marketing strategies. Without eye-catching, high-resolution photos, your webpage or Amazon product listing falls flat against the competition. Your ad campaigns lack click rates, ultimately reducing sales figures. Especially lifestyle products like trendy apparel and fashion accessories need help from professional lifestyle product photography experts to give the pictures the pop they need. 

What to look for in professional photography services for e-commerce platforms?

The best e-commerce photography services in the US may start for as low as $15 for a shot. The white background pictures you get from these e-commerce photography services put you in the league of the top brands in your industry, enabling you to capitalize on the larger market. You do not need to break the bank for using high-quality photographs for your listing. Your products can compete with brands much larger than yours in scale once you get help from professional photographers.

Ghost apparel photography can also be among your library of photographs and start from only $25 per shot. It requires special mannequins, that are not visible in the final shot. The color and fit attributes of the apparel are highlighted to the customer when using ghost photography.

How do professional photographers help grow my business?

For your product to stand out among the thousands of listings on marketplaces like Amazon, it needs to stand out from the crowd. Well-placed, high-resolution photographs in the right light conditions generate a reaction among the consumer who is looking for that product. This reaction generates clicks. In the end, clicks generate sales. When increasing revenue is our goal, it is a no-brainer that we invest in high-quality lifestyle product photography. When a listing on an e-commerce platform like Amazon starts gaining traction, the product sales increase and it gets more ratings & reviews. Increased traffic then ranks your product higher among the other listings. This method of increasing traffic creates a feedback loop in the listing’s ranking and can create exponential growth in revenue.

In conclusion

Not leveraging professional lifestyle product photography can put your business on the bottom pages of e-commerce marketplaces. In 2023, the “do it all yourself” attitude does not make sense. You need to partner with and outsource work to the experts in the respective fields for optimal results. You can hire high-quality, reputed photographers in the US such as EtherArts Product Photography who provide affordable, bang-for-buck photography services. They will help your product compete in the “Big leagues” once you leverage the power of top-notch, tried and tested photography techniques.

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