Commercial Product Photography Trends to Follow in 2023

Commercial product photography is a difficult field to succeed in, but it can also be incredibly lucrative. Whether you’re just starting out as a beginner or have been earning your paycheck for years in the industry, there are always new trends and styles to consider. We explore the top that is set to dominate commercial product photography in 2023 below

7 Latest Product Photography Trends


Ghost mannequin photography

In order to create truly standout work in commercial product photography, you need to think outside of the box when it comes to your creative concepts. Many photographers rely on mannequins to create the perfect product shot. For this reason, many of their images are ghost-like because they need to be removed from the background. While mannequins have been around for a while now, recent trends such as holograms are making them more prominent in terms of sales potential. Ghost mannequin photography requires expertise and experience. It has specific requirements in terms of the DSLR camera used, studio lighting, clothes, mannequins, styling tools, post-editing tools, etc.

Amazon product photography

In the world of eCommerce, creating a visually appealing product page is the key to success. By using high-quality images, you’re creating a sense of trust between your brand and potential customers. It’s important to use professional photos that are taken by a top-level skilled commercial photographer. When it comes to Amazon product photography, you want images that feature your products in the best possible way so that you can make as much revenue as possible on Amazon.

Slinging products

One of the most recent trends in commercial photography has been using slingshots to fling a product into the air, capturing an image of it while doing it. While this certainly adds a pop of creativity to your work, there is also some technical consideration. By shooting with a camera that is ultra-lightweight, you reduce any chances for blur and other potential issues. You also have better control over formations as well as individual items in motion.

Big drone photography

Due to the fact that drones are becoming more consumer-friendly and easier to operate, we can expect commercial drone photography to become more common in 2023. Drones are becoming a popular choice for photographers because they’re incredibly powerful for their relatively small size, giving them the ability to take photos that are both vibrant and clear. Most photographers typically use drones in combination with a traditional camera to get the best shot possible.

Food shot photography

Food shot photography is another remarkable trend that has captured the attention of many professional photographers in recent times. Consumers rely on images when they’re shopping online and comparing products. That’s why you need to have high-quality images of your products, including food items if you sell them, so that customers can quickly make an informed decision about what they’re buying online. Using macro photography techniques can help you achieve this.

Science-based photography

Along with the rise of digital photography, there has also been an increase in the use of science to create stunning images. For instance, scientists are using lasers and other types of scientific equipment to take striking photos that display color in ways that we’ve never seen before. We expect this trend to continue in 2023 as it’s both innovative and eye-catching.

3D product photography

Another recent trend is the use of 3D printing, which is being used more and more to create impressive images for commercial product photography work. Using 3D printing technology can give you a greater degree of creativity when it comes to deciding what type of image you want your products photographed using.

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