Product Photography 101: How to take stunning product photos for your brand?

Since your online customers can’t feel, smell, touch, or inspect your products from different angles, product photos are by far the most crucial tool to help them understand your product features. Your product images are the first thing that your potential customer will look at. As your online audience scroll through the major SEPs, they take split seconds to make their buying decisions as per their purchase intent. The first thing that grabs the attention of your potential customers is your product image, so opting for professional product photography Atlanta is a must if you are running an e-commerce site.

Professional Photography

Professional photographers use a combination of editing as well as shooting techniques to make every image look picture-perfect. Some of the most effective editing and shooting techniques used by professionals are listed as follows:

Ghost Mannequin Photography
This is one of the typical techniques used by photographers to give product images a 3D, hollow effect. The ghost mannequin effect is particularly used for things such as jeans, blazers, shirts, jackets and other apparel to help customers easily navigate through the available garments by analyzing the fit. As the customers cannot feel or try the product, the ghost mannequin photography technique can reflect the fit of the product seamlessly.

Cosmetic Photography with Image manipulation
Cosmetic photography is a whole different branch of photography that requires different light settings and effects. Professional photographers use image manipulation services along with cosmetic photography to render a flawless effect on portraits. They can use editing techniques to fix blemishes, correct errors, and create absolute magic with their editing tools.

Background Removal
Conducting elaborate photoshoots for one product in different shades isn’t just a waste of time and resources, it is also a waste of effort. Brands often use background removal or clipping path services to reuse their old photos. They use their old photos to configure their new product and then present it to the audience for engagement. Some photos also use white background photography services for establishing a more consistent brand image by adding their logo and other defining elements.

Basic adjustments in photos
Another common technique used by photographers is basic adjustment with features like saturation, contrast, and color adjustment. They can also sharpen and soften the images to make them look brighter and more natural without making the images look edited. So, the images become perfect for reaching the audience without reaching their authentic feel.

Do you know that 75% of online shoppers rely on product images to decide about a potential purchase? Therefore, your product images must reflect your USPs while being appealing. There must be uniformity in all your product images to show your brand image. After all, who would like to walk into a run-down ugly retail store? The same applies to your Amazon listing. Your product needs to reflect luxury and quality so reflective product photography isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity.

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