Photographer's Experience With Product Photography

5 Useful Product Photography Tips to Boost Sales

Five Useful Product Photography Tips to Boost Sales

We are living in the age of e-commerce. The online model of conducting business received a great push post the Covid-19 pandemic. While buyers now have the convenience of shopping for products from the comfort of their homes, sellers need…

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Reflective product photography guide

Capturing Highly Reflective Products; Is It That Challenging?

Capturing product photographs for online retail is indeed a fairly easy task. However, things start getting a bit quirky when one starts shooting reflective products like glass, glittery metals, etc. The two main challenges here are the reflection on the…

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eCommerce product photography

Why Do We Need High-quality Product Images for eCommerce Sites?

If you have ever tried to sell your products online, you already know you need good images. The images that must be used for listing on eCommerce platforms must be high quality. This is what makes eCommerce product photography of…

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