Lifestyle Product Photography Helps To Add A Human-Touch To Photos

Primarily referred to as in-context or context photography, lifestyle product photography is an art that needs to be practiced to be a professional. It is a way to practice photographing items within a styled and curated scene. Sometimes, the products will feature some models to introduce potential customers to the idea of any specified lifestyle. Sometimes, through this form of photography, brands would love to promote any particular aesthetic too.

The main goal is to craft an image, which will inspire the customers to envision the item within their hands. Most of the items, such as lifestyle product photography, comprise items that daydreams are made out of! That being said, these kinds of photography sessions comprise multiple types of research not to make it look overdone or cheesy.

Not quite the same as the available product photography:

Let’s state that lifestyle product photography has its style and features and won’t look like any available product photography. Functional photography is when a product is staged against a seamless background before taking the pictures. It will help the customers see every aspect of the item and make an informed buying decision. You can see the use of such photos on e-commerce sites like Etsy or Amazon.

But with lifestyle product photography, you are about to invite people over with the main item, to give it more or a human touch. When people see people with the items, it makes comparison a lot easier for them. They are then more inclined to purchase the item, especially if the model is one of their favorite persons.

Following the ghost mannequin technique:

When it comes to the product photography session, background plays a pivotal role. You can see the use of white background product photography when it comes to apparel sessions and more. Here, the ghost mannequin technique is used by professionals. Photoshop helps the experts to create such a technique, where it looks as though someone is wearing the apparel, but you can’t seem to see the person.

professional product photography tips

This technique is covered by taking eye-level shots with a live model and one shot of the shirt’s top. It will be photographed inside out. Then, in Photoshop, the model’s limbs will be carefully removed, and the top of the shirts inside gets blended onto where the neck would have protruded from the shirt. That makes it look that the garment has been worn. Photoshop can also help editors to remove those extra wrinkles from the shirt. This technique is called “frequency separation.”

Helps you to stand out in the crowd:

With proper lifestyle based product photography, your brand can easily stand out in the crowd. With some further inspections, you will realize that attractive photographs will lure your customers to come and make a final purchase.

So, it is better to learn about product photography pricing first and then finalize on a date and time without wasting time. Searching the internet will let you come across reputed photography agencies like EtherArts Product Photography, from where you can get only positive vibes and results.


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