Jewelry Photography; A Challenging Skill to Master

Photographing products for display on e-commerce websites is pretty common. Product photography is a skill that needs to be learnt and acquired through practice. Of all the categories of products usually displayed on e-commerce websites, there is one category that is notoriously difficult to capture with cameras – jewelry. Here’s why. First, sometimes the pieces of jewelry and at other times the gems embedded therein are too small to photograph perfectly. Secondly, these gems are highly reflective, due to which they appear less vibrant in photos than they do in reality. All this makes the job of a jewelry photographer highly challenging. However, armed with the knowledge of proper equipment, anyone can shoot jewelry items with accuracy and consistency. Here is the basic guide to using the right equipment for jewelry photography.

Equipping yourself with the right equipment for jewelry photoshoot
Obtaining the best jewelry shots calls for having the right equipment. Here’s a list of some of the most important equipment you need for jewelry photography.

  • Camera – Contrary to popular belief, there is no best camera for shooting jewelry products. What is required to come up with strikingly appealing jewelry photos is the understanding of what kind of results you wish to achieve. Sometimes, even a decent smartphone camera (Apple’s or Android’s) can get you very impressive results.
  • Lenses – As already stated that the gems used in jewelry products are too small and contain a lot of intricate detail work. This requires the use of a decent macro lens so that close-up shots of the gem(s) having ample detailing can be taken.
  • Lighting – A carefully selected lighting source that exudes ample amount of light can create an amazing depth of field. If you plan to make use of natural light to shoot your jewelry items, you may place the jewelry piece near the window. However, if your plan is to have artificial lighting for the shoot, you will need a proper setup, which most commonly, includes a lightbox, light tent, camera flash, etc.
  • Tripod – To avoid clicking blurry and shaky photographs (which is the case when you choose to click pictures with the camera held in your hand), it is a must to have a decent tripod. The use of a good tripod will result in the camera being absolutely stable and this will ultimately help achieve clearer photos.
  • White background – A white background helps capture all the critical details of jewelry items by removing unwanted shadows. This lends a professional look to your jewelry products, which, in turn, helps establish credibility and trust with customers.

Hire a professional photography team
If you own a jewelry store and would like to capture stunning jewelry photographs, you should contemplate hiring a professional jewelry photographer. As for the cost it would incur, it should not come across as a surprise that jewelry photography pricing is always higher than product photography pricing. To get the most impressive jewelry shots at charges so reasonable that they’re almost similar to product photography pricing, you may contact EtherArts Photography service. Their knowledgeable photography team backed by state-of-the-art photography equipment delivers exceptionally beautiful jewelry shots.

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