Is Professional Photography Really that Important?

Photos evoke emotion, and it tells a story. Some things as simple as a family get-together or a college alumni reunion need a record and place for memories. Even brands use photography to evoke a specific emotion within their audience. While a family photo can be clicked by a professional, not many consider it as much. However, product photography is an entirely different ball game. You are not storing the photo in an album; it’s going to reach the masses. You want the people out there, your audience, to feel by seeing. You want them to understand what the photo is trying to communicate.

Product imagery is everything when it comes to selling your brand. Most companies enlist their products on eCommerce websites. Therefore, our experienced lensman will ensure that you get top-notch quality photos for your brand.

Amazon product photography

From kitchen appliances to mobile smartphones, eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart display it all. However, they don’t accept products that appear shabby or blurry. There are specific regulations to follow, including the size of the photos, the resolution, and other qualitative and aesthetic factors.


Different Types of Product Photography

Professionals do Amazon product photography because the results are ROI-driven. Customers browse through these platforms amid various brands selling the same product. One of the primary reasons why consumers click on a product is because the image makes sense to them. If the product imagery does not appeal to the customer, it won’t sell. That is why platforms like Amazon and Flipkart provide a level playing field where the rules to approve any product photographs are the same.

Reflective product photography
All that glitters needs to be seen, or its shine loses its value in an image clicked. You want your product to shine but not too much to blind the customer. You want them to see the product for what it is, premium quality.

We have clicked products with reflective surfaces such as kitchen taps, auto parts, drains, and jewelry, among other products. The lighting in reflective product photography plays a significant role. Without the appropriate lighting, proper camera settings, placement of foam core surfaces, and excellent editing skills, a photoshoot is wasted.


Reflective Product Photography

The only proper way to invest in your brand is by hiring a professional product photographer. These photos that are clicked can go a long way in terms of storing and using them whenever the need arises. They can always be used for business growth, including eCommerce platforms, social media, websites, and print and online ads accordingly.

Product photography pricing
Our Amazon product photography pricing package ranges from $225-$450. This pricing depends on the products you have. It includes unique display and hand models if required. You also get 4-8 Amazon-ready listing photos.

The Reflective product photography pricing package ranges from $17-$30 for reflective surfaces and lustrous products. We provide discounts for bulk requirements of more than 85 images.

Professional photography is a crucial requirement across all industries. So, the next time you require a professional photographer to bring your brand to the forefront, connect with us.

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