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With the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus, the year 2020 has been the most difficult time for business owners. Even the small organizations had to go digital almost overnight to sustain the business. As a result, there is now an overwhelming number of sellers on the online platform. The consumers have real confusion in selecting the companies and products.

Selling apparel online has got even more difficult as consumers usually prefer to check the appearance of the human body before buying it. The ghost mannequin is turning out to be a potent tool in enhancing the appeal of apparel to the buyers. The extra appendages become noise in the photographs.

Avoiding the distractions
A mannequin can hold the shape of a product, which makes the images more believable. Once a consumer takes a look at the garment on the mannequin, the person will have a rough idea about the shape of the apparel. But in the photographs, the mannequins can be real distractions, leading to the popularity of enabling the ghost mannequin effect in the images.

ghost clothing photography


Maintaining a consistent look
Consistency of the images of one brand is most desirable for the customers. But maintaining the consistency is possible only when you join hands with EtherArts Product Photography, where you will get some of the best photographers to capture the image of the products. But it is not a good idea to use models in some of the photographs and ghost mannequins in the others.

  • The models can distract the focus as consumers begin to compare themselves to the model and refer to the possible appearance of wearing the garment. But that’s never the right way to judge the dress.
  • By investing in cheap ghost mannequin photographyyou can better impact potential customers rather than using the mannequins or models. The shades and texture of the limbs and hands of the mannequins can never match human shades. So the appearance will never match.

Reducing returns
The product photography pricing is usually high as the images will be your only strong tool to create an appeal to the customers online. Most customers return after purchasing as the product does not look the same as on the model. But with ghost mannequin use, such complaints are much lower. The consumer does not see someone wearing the dress. So it becomes easier for the viewer to assume himself or herself in the dress and then make the decision.

Need for best professional 
Visual content is always the king on the online platform, especially when you are advertising on social media. Unless you employ the best product photographerthe product won’t look good enough on the images. The photographer must have the skill to capture the image in such a way that the key features are visible. For instance, for apparel, there should be images from all sides to allow the user to imagine the appearance from the backside, front side, and sidewise. Convincing a consumer can be easier with images that look real.

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