How to prepare for a Website Product Photoshoot

A website is the face of your brand. What you offer, how your services work, and why your brand is unique – it’s all showcased on your website. Therefore, it is essential to design a pretty face, so customers are attracted. That means your website must display brand products with high resolution and also with creativity.

Questions to ask yourself before taking up website product photography services

Deciding to do product photography for your website is simple. Here are a few questions we can help you question and answer at the same time.

  • Is it time for a photo shoot for your website? – It’s been a year since you started your company and you’ve set your team in place. You also want to do away with the stock images on your website. So yes, it’s time for a photoshoot for your website.


  • Should you hire a professional photographer? – Indeed, if you want to make your brand look professional, then an expert is required behind the camera. If you have shiny products like kitchen appliances, then reflective product photography requires a professional. EtherArts can provide the experts you need for your website.


  • Are you looking for long-term images? – It matters as you invest moderately to large sums of money in the photoshoot.


  • Have you decided on a theme? – If not, your photographer may probably help you on that front. They can guide you and give you samples to make a decision.


  • Are you aware of the type of images you need? – You have developed a theme or idea for the photos you want on your website. Your firm’s members have a personality that can bring life to the brand.


What to consider during a product photoshoot for your website

When planning to do a product photoshoot for your website, consider the following parameters.

  • Your surroundings – Decide whether you wish to do the photoshoot at your office, hire a studio, or any other professional space.


  • Your outfits – It’s good to look professional and click photos accordingly. However, a brand image doesn’t mean that you have to look formal constantly. A little bit of fun and personalized touch in clothing choices can define your brand as unique.


  • Mark the date – Your company employees and you have to decide a day and time for the photoshoot collectively. Sometimes, a photoshoot can go as long as a day to two. It depends on the number of locations needed, the availability of time, and the objective of the photoshoot.


  • Creating a positive environment – The most crucial part of the photoshoot is not to stress your employees and yourself. It will show in the photographs. Therefore, make sure that you are keeping the vibe pleasant.

Be sure to thank everyone for investing their time in your dreams. After all, your employees and other team members have contributed a great deal to the company’s progress.

We’ve got exciting packages for you. Head over to our product photography pricing section, and you can select any of the services you want. However, if you require a customized service, then let’s book an appointment today.

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