How to do Amazon Product Photography Listing Photos

We all wish to sell some product or some idea online. For this we either create our own e-commerce website or partner with Amazon services. While both are equally important, selling on Amazon provides a higher and better edge over the e-commerce website. Amazon is a huge marketplace where your products can easily get lost in the crowd. So the challenge now is to how to get a customer’s attention to your product listing on Amazon store?

Most important aspect is Product Photos. Amazon allows multiple images to be uploaded to the product listing. However the most important ones are the topmost 7 photos which showcase as 7 thumbnails on the side. Hence these 7 product photos need to be highly attractive so as to grab attention immediately. How can we achieve this?  Here we have discussed in detail the significance of each of these 7 images.

First Listing Image– Always needs to be on white background. Preferably clutter free and just the product with the packaging. Any bonus item which you offer, must be shown in this image as a ‘Bonus’ item. Image needs to be Logo Free, Text free and clutter free. For eg- ‘Coffee Pod stand’- Main image should be the white background coffee pod stand with the coffee pods in them. Don’t forget to mention “* coffee pods not included” on the picture.

Reflective Product Photography

Reflective Product Photography for Amazon Listing Photos

Second Listing Image– Product without any other props. Just the product on white background photo by itself.

Third Listing Image– Product photographed at a different angle or showcasing the other side of it. You can include multiple angles of your product in this photo in the form of a collage.

Fourth Listing Image– Dimension. No one now a days want to go and read the product specifications in the listing. The product pictures need to not only captivate the viewer’s attention, but also give all the necessary and important information about the product in the product photo itself. Mention the dimension – Length, Width, Height of the product in this picture on a seamless white background

Fifth Listing Image– Product in Action. Basically it means to show how the product is used. For eg- Exercise belts- photograph it on a slim or athletic model exercising in a certain pose which can also indicate how the belt can be used. Another example- A chef’s knife can be photographed against a kitchen background with a hand slicing a food item.

Sixth & SeventhLifestyle is the new product photography idea!  Showcase the product in use or in an appropriate lifestyle setting with minimal distraction. For eg- A chin strap to stop snoring product- Display it on a person sleeping in his bed. This shows the products use during the time of night. Try to get at least 2 lifestyle photos for your Amazon product photography listing.

You can have some more photos depending on the budget for product photography.

We at EtherArts Photography offer low cost photography for Amazon listings. 6-7 simple product listing photos are done for an affordable price of $200- $250. Highly reflective kitchen or stainless steel items are photographed for $300-$350 for 7-8 Amazon Listing photos. You can view some of our product photography services rates.



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