How to create A Shadow or Reflection under a product?

A shadow or a reflection under a product enhances the overall picture. It gives it a real time viewing feel as if it is placed in front of you.

How do you create a product shadow or reflection below ? Many photographers will actually charge a $2 or even $5 charge to do this. This charge is avoidable if you can quickly learn how to do this easy thing.

First off you do need basic photoshop or Elements software.

Check this stainless steel bin image. It has no shadow or a reflection. Basically in that case we can not feel the reference point with the ground. In such a case, it will help in adding a shadow or reflection below will give that feel. How to do this?

– First- Select the bottom part by using a selection tool. Make sure you are as close as possible to the bottom edge. 2- Now put it on a new layer and using the transform tool, Invert it. Place it as close as possible to the product base image. 3- Apply a layer mask to this new layer with the inverted bottom selection. 4- Use the black and white gradient tool and just swipe it from bottom to top or reverse depending on how you would like the effect to be. Just try it a couple times and you will get it correct. It is a very simple technique to save your money.

Over here at EtherArts Photography, we DO NOT CHARGE for this feature. We believe that no image is complete with out this reference point.


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