How to Hire the Best Amazon Product Photographer in the USA?

Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce stores in the world, with over 50 million different products. For any online seller, it is a dream to become successful on Amazon and beat the competition. While the eCommerce giant provides access to millions of customers daily, it also has stringent product listing policies.

The most critical aspect of listing products on Amazon is product images. When over 90% of customers agree that the product picture influences their purchase decision, paying attention is essential. The easiest is to hire a professional Amazon photography USA service like EtherArts Photography. This article will share some essential tips for hiring the best Amazon photographer USA

What to Look for in an Amazon Product Photographer?


Not every Amazon product photography service will offer you quality. When picking up an Amazon product photographer, you must be aware of how to make a choice. Here are the criteria to evaluate any product photography Tampa service.


For Amazon product photography, experience matters. It will be a waste of money and time if you hire the best wedding photographer in your area for your online store catalog pictures. Like every other photography style, eCommerce product photography has different requirements. This is why you must look for experience in the Amazon product photography domain.

In the last 15 years of offering Amazon product photography service, we have handled hundreds of projects across industries. The experience we built to become one of the top Amazon photography USA services came from experimenting with different lenses, apertures, and lighting conditions. Experienced Amazon product photographers know how to create the right studio environment to bring out the best in products.


Once you have shortlisted photographers based on experience, divide them by cost. Unsurprisingly, the service charge corresponds to skill level and experience. However, product photography Miami services like EtherArts Photography still charge less for the same level of quality as any other professional service. It would be best if you determined which service you can afford, considering any special requirements or unique photography styles you will require for your products.

Familiarity with Amazon guidelines 

As mentioned before, Amazon has strict product photography guidelines; the photographer you hire must know these guidelines, including formats, size, and color codes. The eCommerce giant has reservations about which shade of white you must use as the background. Experienced Amazon photographers will know all these rules, so compliance will never be challenging. The process runs smoothly when you hire product photographers who have experience creating product images, especially for Amazon.

What Should You Ask an Amazon Product Photographer?


If you follow through with the selection workflow above, you will have several candidates. To further refine the list, here are some essential questions for any product photographer in Atlanta.

  1. What Amazon product photography services do they offer?
  2. What kind of camera equipment and studio setup do they have?
  3. What is the average turnaround time they provide?
  4. Whether they will handle the entire project independently or outsource the work?
  5. How big is their photography and photo editing team?
  6. Who will own the rights to the product pictures afterward?
  7. How much experience do they have shooting for Amazon, and what is their familiarity with the Amazon image requirements?

Ensure to check samples of their previous Amazon photography projects. Full back to understanding, you can even ask them how much of their income comes from Amazon product photography compared to other assignments they take. You can also ask for references from past clients they have worked with.

If everything seems alright and you find the photograph can match the visual style you’re looking for, you can go ahead with hiring.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Amazon Product Photography Service


Professional product photographers can capture natural-looking photos. They know how to use light and cameras to represent your product to the customers visually. It is essential for the satisfactory experience of online shoppers.

You create high-quality product images that get shared on social media and other platforms, creating brand awareness and publicity through word of mouth.

An experienced product photographer Atlanta will have the artistic skills necessary for photo retouching and digital editing.



Most people look for an Amazon product photography service near them without considering a more comprehensive search. To make the best of your money and get the best possible return on your investment, hire an Amazon photography USA service with experience and a proven track record of customer satisfaction, even if they are located at a distance.

EtherArts is one of the most affordable product photography Dallas services. We specialize in Amazon product photography and have experience with hundreds of products across several categories, including jewelry, electronics, apparel, cosmetics, machinery, and many more.

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