Ghost Mannequin Photography: A Brief Overview

Every clothing line aims at showcasing its apparel in the best way possible. Garments meant for sale should look attractive, elegant, professional, and convincing – all at once – enticing potential customers to buy. In recent times, ghost mannequin photography has become an effective way to do precisely that.

What Exactly Is Ghost Mannequin Photography?

The ghost mannequin photography (or invisible mannequin photography) refers to a form of the product photography that involves capturing multiple images of a product (primarily apparel) on a mannequin (or a model) and then combining those photographs to give an effect of an invisible person wearing them. It allows brands to take lifelike and impressive pictures of their products, giving them a 3D ‘hollow man’ effect. Invisible mannequin photography preserves the original shape of the products, enabling potential buyers to imagine the clothes on themselves.

What Are Its Major Steps?

Ghost mannequin photography involves both expertise and experience. It has specific requirements in terms of the camera used, studio lighting, garments, mannequins, styling tools, post-editing software, etc. Furthermore, it consists of several crucial steps which are equally significant to shape the final results. Firstly, it requires choosing the right mannequin for the apparel based on size, style, age, structure, etc. It then involves the proper dressing and styling of those garments. The equipment and lighting make up the pivotal elements while capturing the photographs. The final stage consists of post-editing on suitable software (like Photoshop) to provide finishing touches.

Ghost Mannequin Photography: The Varied Benefits

  • Visually Pleasing: This type of product photography is much more pleasant to the eyes. It enables potential buyers to effectively visualize the apparel on themselves, and imagine how they might look. It also ensures online shoppers are not distracted by the model or the background but focus on the garment instead. Most of these images are set against white backgrounds that are less distracting and more visually appealing.


  • Cost-Effective: Here, The product photography pricing is much more affordable than the traditional counterpart as it eliminates several associated costs. It is more cost-effective as it allows you to take lifelike pictures of your products without hiring any professional model. Instead, the mannequin gives your garment the shape resembling a real person.


  • Clarity & Consistency: One of the most promising benefits of mannequin photography is the clarity it provides post-editing, enabling buyers to understand the product better. All the meticulous details are taken care of and highlighted. It allows customers to get a broader idea about your product based on color, fabric material, design, quality, style, etc.


  • Less Time Consuming: Ghost mannequin photography is much more efficient and quicker. It involves significantly less hassle as the elements are minimum. Furthermore, apparels in traditional photography require more time editing to ensure both the model and the garment look impressive.


  • Newer Perspective: Invisible mannequin photography allows you to showcase your beautiful clothing line from a unique point of view. Here, your apparel gets the center stage, not the model or the background. It facilitates superior presentation of your products, making them rich, professional, and elegant.


Wrapping Up

Hence, to summarize, ghost mannequin photography, considering the myriad benefits, is a far better alternative than traditional apparel photography. A professional Amazon photographer can help you with invisible mannequin photography for your products. All the necessary information about hiring the best product photographer for you is available online.

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