Find the Best Professionals in Amazon Product Photography

Visual images have the most powerful influence on customer preferences. Images are the stepping stone of branding, which is why high-quality photography is one of the most sought-after marketing strategies.

Online stores like Amazon have some photography guidelines for the sellers to maintain retail consistency. These professionals often have a separate category called ‘amazon photography service’. Why? Because the products must follow the product photography description as specified by Amazon. There are innumerable clients and sellers who are connected with Amazon services which calls for the necessity of affordable product photography pricing.

Best Professionals in Amazon Product Photography


Basics of Amazon Product Photo has certain guidelines for orchestrated product listings. The products must be 1000 pixels or more in size. The image file should be uploaded in any of these formats: TIFF, GIF, PNG, or JPEG. The preferred color mode should be CMYK or RGB. The main image should have only the product featured with no additional graphics, inset images, or text. It is always better to have the maximum number of additional images that Amazon allows.


How to Choose the Best Amazon Photography Service

There are many professional studios specializing in amazon photography service. Go for a photography service provider that:

  1. Provides an officially Amazon-approved photograph service.
  2. Has great Google reviews of satisfied clients.
  3. Specializes in white-background product photography.
  4. Specializes in reflective product photography, which is the most recommended photography technique.
  5. Provides low-cost photography services.
  6. Has a history of achieving an A+ listing of their clients’ products.
  7. Offers customized infographic services for Amazon products.


To achieve the best high-resolution photographs, you must search online for a store that offers cheap and highly affordable product photography pricing. There are package deals in place and various kinds of shots like main image shot, alternative shots, infographic shots, dimension shot, product-in-action shot, and lifestyle shot etc. that can be captured by seasoned professionals.

However before you delve into the Photography session with your photographer, define a clear set of expectations. Talk to your photographer and specify exactly what you want from your shoot and where you are now.

Find the Best Professionals in Amazon Product Photography


What is your product photography goal?

Do you want a crisp and stunning product photo that represents your brand on the global retail landscape or are you a fan of something simple and subtle? Opt for Amazon product photography services from expert photographers and demarcate a defined set of goals for your next product photography campaign. People buy what they see so leave no stones unturned in making your product photos look immaculate.




What is an Infographic Shot?

An Infographic shot explains the product aspects like their USP, usage, material, and benefits. In a nutshell, the goal of an infographic shot is to inform.

What is Alternative Shot Photography?

It is a Product-only shot without any props.

Can I reuse my product photos in Amazon if I just have to change the color?

Of course, you can. Professional product photographers can edit your product photos with clipping path services and retouching so that you can reuse the photos with minor changes or color alterations.


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