Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Product Photography

Are you a renowned business owner in Atlanta trying to understand how to use photography to make your brand look professional on the Amazon marketplace? Then, you are in the right place.

Amazon is one of the most popular sites for people to buy products online, and it’s also one of the most popular places for people to find new products. That means that when you’re selling on Amazon, you’re going to want to make sure that your photos are up to par with what your customers expect. And that means having professional-looking photos of your products.

The first thing you should do is get some professional help with taking pictures of your products. You can hire someone like a photographer or an editor who specializes in getting good images of products onto the site. This piece will cover everything about amazon photography service and why you need it.


Amazon Listing Photography

Product Photography for Amazon Listing photos

Why Should You Hire A Professional Amazon Photographer?

Beyond boosting sales, high-quality Amazon product photography serves as a description in and of itself, assisting a customer in confirming that their search has turned up the main features they’re looking for. Better conversion rates and high-quality product reviews for your listing result from this. Listings with polished, high-quality photos can beat out the competition, minimize complaints, and increase sales.

On Amazon, when someone is scrolling through search results, they will click the image that really appeals to them. Because it sets the tone for the buyer’s interaction with your product, the main image is crucial. Professional photographs of products on Amazon are a necessity, not an option.

Your product’s quality and advantages must be reflected in your product photos. The customer will be able to tell that your product is of high quality by looking at high-quality product images. And for that reason, you should spend money on a professional photo service rather than taking pictures on your own.


Amazon product photography rules

Do’s & Don’t Of Main Amazon Product Photo :

Here is a list of the specifications for the main image:



The product must be photographed by itself against a white background.

85% or more of the image must be covered by the product.

Images must not be pixelated, blurry, have rough edges, or be cropped by the edge of the frame.

Images must be a true representation of the item being sold.

Only the item that is for sale must be visible in images, unwrapped.



Illustrations or drawings are not permitted. Although many sellers use 3D renderings to great effect, they technically violate the rules.

There must be no distracting accessories or props in the picture.

The image cannot have any added graphics, text, logos, watermarks, or inset images.

The product cannot be seen in more than one view in the picture.

Except for stockings or socks, clothing cannot be displayed on a mannequin that is clearly visible.

The item cannot be displayed on a colored background or in a real environment (a lifestyle image).

Essential Product Photography Rules

Wrapping Up

High-quality images will catch customers’ attention and ultimately boost conversion rates. For Amazon brands looking to dominate their niche, they’re a wise investment. Who wouldn’t desire that? To know more about product photography pricing and avail of professional help, get in touch with product photography experts right now.

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