Essential tips for Lifestyle Product Photography

What is a lifestyle photoshoot, and how is it different from traditional photography?

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When asked by clients about photoshoots for their wedding, company, or brand products, lifestyle photography often pops up.

It is a form of clicking photos of objects but not by themselves. The term ‘lifestyle’ added denotes the things being a part of life’s regular activities.

For instance, you would get a fair idea of a photo that shows and says ‘trekking mattresses.’

However, picture the mattress centered at a mountain where trekkers go along with props like binoculars, trekking gaiters, and a climbing stick.

Which among the two photo examples above would give you a better idea of the mattress? Indeed, both photos are ideal matches depending on the platform where the product needs to be promoted. For instance, a simple, plain white background with just the product and nothing else is a prerequisite.

However, the product and props at a strategic venue depict a lifestyle for which the item is suited. Such photos work well when promoted in a print advertisement, social media marketing, and so on.

Hence, lifestyle product photography shares imagery that is easy for the customer to imagine, encouraging them to buy the product.

Tips for lifestyle product photography
Lifestyle photography is a mix of portrait and candid photos when the product of interest is a person. One could say the same for an object or brand’s product.

In today’s blog, we’re sharing a few tips on capturing everyday moments and making them look natural.

  1. Plan to be spontaneous– As experts, we understand that even spontaneity requires an organized plan. Plan the location for the photoshoot. If it’s outdoors, you need to make sure of the weather and if the natural light will be sufficient for that day. Unless you plan for a rainy day photoshoot or a cloudy dull day, the sun needs to be your saving light.



Tips for Lifestyle Product Photography

Other planning factors include a backup location if the main one doesn’t work out, necessary camera gear, batteries, main products to be clicked, models for the photoshoot, etc.

How do you want the poses to be in the case of a model photoshoot?
If the photoshoot is focused on brand products, how do you want to place them, and what props are best suited here?

These factors are important considerations you need to make as part of your planning strategy.

  1. Direct the activity and not the poses– If you want to click a product without a human model, you need to plan the product placement scenarios. That’s a more accessible style of direction as there is no human involved.

However, if the lifestyle photoshoot requires the model to pose, let them do it naturally. You need to understand their personality as they attempt to pose naturally; make them feel comfortable. In this case, the photographer cannot control the entire set but must be more flexible. You can direct the activity like walking, stepping into a boat, etc., but not the pose, i.e., the process in which they walk or step into a boat.

Need a professional expert for your photoshoot? The two main lifestyle product photography tips above are essential if you want to conduct the perfect photoshoot.

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