E-commerce Marketing Trends to Disrupt the Fashion industry

The shopping habits of people have seen a drastic shift towards online in the recent past. With the added effects of the pandemic, people were stuck in their homes, having no other option than to shop online. With over 5 billion internet users worldwide, the top brands have put their focus on conquering the online domain. The global e-commerce market has a whopping 5.7 trillion USD volume spread over the largest e-commerce marketplaces. With staggering growth year over year, the volume is expected to rise steadily over the upcoming 5 years. The top e-commerce players include Amazon, Alibaba, Pinduoduo, and other global marketplaces. 

(Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1316966/e-commerce-sales-retailers-worldwide/)

The above chart shows us the distribution of e-commerce market share among the top global players. Tallying the 2022 figures with expected 2027 figures, we can expect steady growth in the market.

Brands are looking for professional services which provide apparel, jewelry, and cosmetics photography services. The world of fashion has been drastically revolutionized due to these changing buying habits. Consumers are no longer gathering in stores and malls, trying out jewelry, apparel, and accessories in the mirror. They are more comfortable sitting at home, looking at high-quality photographs from the comfort of their couch. Modern e-commerce photography has found ways to articulate the product to the consumer without having the physical version in their hands. Cosmetics and other beauty products are also being advertised, marketed, and sold online via online marketing strategies such as social media marketing, influencer collaborations, and brand deals. High-quality photographs that highlight the product at hand are a must for these virtual marketing strategies to work. 

Cosmetics photography services have special needs which amateur photographers fail to master. Different techniques are needed based on whether your cosmetics come in transparent bottles, amber bottles, or colorful containers. You need specialized white background photography for capturing the details and showcase the products. Cosmetic products have boxes with fine writing and designs. A high-quality close-up macro photograph is sometimes needed to capture these details. Spending on an amateur photographer leads to a waste of time and money. However, the bigger loss is in terms of failure to capitalize on the market early due to low-quality images. Poor images on e-commerce platforms lead to your products getting ranked lower. Low ranking on e-commerce websites means your products are difficult to find for consumers. Poor discoverability means lower traffic, as a result, Sales revenue figures plummet.

In conclusion

Finding a good photography service for your e-commerce business is not optional. Any business that fails to leverage the trend toward online retail, risks being obsolete in the future. You can find the best photography services in the U.S. online. A simple Google search will give many options to choose from. A Professional photographer like EtherArts Product Photography is your best bet to get world-class photographs for promoting your products without breaking the bank. With pricing plans starting from only $20 per photograph, you too can compete with the biggest names in the world of cosmetics. 

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