Diverse Amazon Image Templates your brand can use for more business

What inspires you to click on an Amazon product?

The image!

We’ve been there too, and we know that it’s no lie that the first aspect catching our attention was the image. It’s the visuals that get you hooked on checking how the product looks, its description, and other details. A well-displayed image can convert you from an online browser to an add-to-cart person to a buyer.

If you are planning to be a seller or already are on Amazon, your objective is to get sales from this platform. If you’re not achieving this goal, you’re losing potential customers to competitors.

There are other reasons why your product is not selling on Amazon. You may not have generated enough product reviews, you’ve not used the right keywords, or you haven’t practiced other marketing techniques too.

Tips to Follow in Product Photography

But, if you are compromising on awesome product images, you are risking expensive losses for your business.

In today’s blog, we’ll show you why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of strong visuals.

Different types of Amazon product photography

That’s right! Amazon product photography can be done in different ways to attract customers. However, we recommend you hire professional product photography services to receive quality work; it’s what your brand deserves. We have an affordable product photography pricing list that won’t loosen your purse strings as much.

Firstly, conditions you must follow to make it on Amazon’s list:

  • Make sure your images are 1500×1500 pixels
  • Your product should cover 85% of the image
  • Click the product on a transparent and white background
  • Yes, this is obvious, yet it needs to be said – click the image of the product you want to sell.
  • Do not include objects that are not being sold alongside your product
  • The images you share with Amazon should not contain watermarks

The above instructions were for primary product images. Let’s look at the diverse product images that Amazon product photography services can do for you.

  • Infographics – Infographic images make it easier for customers to understand the features and benefits of your products. These types of images lead to high converting product listing.


  • Lifestyle depiction – Yes, you can upload images that depict a lifestyle. The condition is that the image should be relevant to the product you are selling. For instance, if you are selling an ergogenic cushion, upload an image that shows the cushion placed on a chair for maximum comfort.


  • Instructional images – These images are helpful for customers interested in knowing how to use a product. It helps avoid unfavorable reviews that talk about how the customer didn’t know how to use the product.


  • Competitor comparison tables – A tabular form sharing images of competitor products where you show the superior quality of your products. It’s fair; it’s competition! This method is not used to indicate the competitor in a bad light but to help the customer understand your USP.

The above diverse set of Amazon clicks can set your brand up for some long-term ROI. If you want to hire professional product photography services to make the most of Amazon’s listing, now’s your chance. Connect with our team to help you with the best product photography pricing and requirements.


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