Choose Product Photographers with Wisdom

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you are not close enough”. This, indeed, is true when it comes to photography for e-commerce sites. In the e-commerce industry, images are meant to convince customers to buy the product.

In other words, the customers would only invest time and money in the product if he finds the image pleasing to the eye or sees what he is looking or- it could be style, design, colour or even the functionality. Photographing these products need a lot of knowledge about shadow and colour contrast.

It is believed that 78% of online shoppers believe in having a look at the product first before purchasing them online. It is also believed that three-fourths of customers need more photographs to ensure that they are taking the right decision of buying the product.

Needless to say, product images are the building blocks of a successful e-commerce site. A good photography can, in fact, sell a lot of items owing to their public appeal. Therefore, if you own an e-commerce site and are looking for a product photographer, ensure that you hire one with great care.

Why do you need a photographer in the first place?
It must be remembered that poor image quality will do more damage to your brand than no photo at all. And you certainly cannot go without any photos. This is why online retailers hire professional product photographer to capture quality image and attract serious customers.

Why do you need a Product Photographer

Experience counts a lot as this niche of photography is no joke. An immature photographer would not do as much justice to the product details as an experience photographer would do. Experienced photographers also ensure that they use the best camera and lenses to get the most desirable outcome.

Some other questions that you need to ask

  • How many photos can they provide per product, per day?
  • Is the photographer insured?
  • Does the photographer have a portfolio?
  • Fees and the cost break-up?
  • What is the photographer’s style and what does his fee include?

EtherArts Product Photography is one of the most popular product photographers in Atlanta which provide services to clients like Amazon. Their highly killed photographers also provide cosmetics photography services and reflective product photography.

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