Cheap Ghost Mannequin Photography for your Clothing Line

Your customers want to see your brand’s clothing line. The best way to guide them is through a catalog or an online e-store showing all your products.

Be it any type based on age, size, or gender-specific clothing, EtherArts offers cheap ghost mannequin photography. The apparel photos clicked will be available for printing for website display services. Our specialized services allow for shooting attire with a hollow look without a model or mannequin.

There are different package deals on product photography pricing depending on the type of styling required.

Be the brand that believes in quality

Once the customers see your brand’s apparel on an e-commerce site, what further drives them toward a buying decision is the apparel’s quality. However, taking a step back, the pictures displayed need to inspire the right call-to-action.

This is where EtherArts understands the value of visuals that aid in communicating a brand’s personality.

Most online selling platforms rely on models to display their products. However, some pages also provide e-catalogs for showcasing an entire range of clothing. Categories on such websites can display apparel with filters. The filters range from age to pricing, gender, and type of clothing, size, and more. For these types of platforms, your products need to stand out and apart from the competition.

Our services are delivered by the best product photographer with highly skilled editing techniques. Photographs shot can be edited based on different shapes, sizes, and styles. The images can thus be optimized for online display.

Benefits of using ghost mannequin photography
We offer cheap ghost mannequin photography for brands that require images for a clothing line. Some of the benefits include the following.

  • The images can be edited based on what area requires more focus.
  • The logo can be shown, especially for customers who are loyal to specific brands.
  • A ghost mannequin helps create the appearance of the apparel being worn.
  • Due to the hollow effect of the apparel, the viewer is better able to discern the features like color, fit, and fabric.
  • The image manipulation services of ghost mannequin photography include editing like background change and merging of images.
  • Ghost mannequin photography helps create a uniform look for the clothing line, giving it a more appealing and professional look.
  • The product label can also be displayed by cropping the neck areas and placing the brand label accordingly.
  • Unwanted areas like the mannequin and the background image can be cropped out easily.
  • A series of ghost mannequin images can be used for multipurpose displays like e-commerce platforms, online display ads, and more.

We use soft lighting and background strobes to enable a soothing look to the clothing when viewed. We also keep the steam iron ready to ensure that the clothing is not crumpled anytime during the photoshoot.

EtherArts leaves no loopholes when it comes to delivering the best of quality. Every brand deserves to grow and expand their business the right way. Connect with us to get more details on cheap ghost mannequin photography for your brand.

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