Best Lighting Techniques for the Perfect Product Photography

Do you want your products to stand out and look highly appealing to your potential customers? In that case, product photography is what you must focus on. The perfect product photography in Miami can make all the difference in your eCommerce store. With appealing images, attracting more traffic and driving sales becomes much easier. Adding memorable and striking product images is the key to more sales.

When it comes to product photography, lighting is at the core. Only when you have the right lighting setup, capturing captivating product images is possible. Are you wondering what lighting techniques should you leverage to level up your eCommerce store’s success?

Here are some of the best lighting techniques you can use. Let’s dive in!


  • Direct Front Light

Regarding product photography, front lighting is the most common go-to option. The direct front lighting can work wonders for your products if used correctly. It can create flattering images that will make your customers desire the product. However, this lighting technique is not good if you have reflective products.

  • Triangle Lighting 

Want to create a 3D look for your product? If yes, triangle lighting is the best option to go with. In this technique, one light is placed in front of the product while the other two remain behind the product. It helps in capturing every detail of the product. Leveraging this technique allows you to provide your customers with a comprehensive view of what the product looks like. The best part of this lighting technique is that it won’t make your product look flat. So, you can be rest assured of creating an appealing product image.

  • Even Lighting

Even lighting is the right choice if you have reflective products and want the best pictures. Getting quality pictures of the reflective products can be challenging. In such a situation, the professional product photographers use the two lights or even lighting setup to solve the problem. Placing the two lights at proper angles on the side of the product offers complete coverage of the product. In addition, you will require making a few tweaks here and there to get the perfect product image.

  • Natural Lighting

Don’t have studio light? Well, there’s nothing to worry about! You can leverage natural lighting to get product pictures. This lighting technique works well for ghost mannequin photography and other product photography. However, it is important to know the tricks of using natural lighting. Avoid taking photographs when the sun is high up. Instead, try clicking your product images early in the morning or when the sun starts to go down.


Now that you know the lighting techniques, it is time to get the best product pictures for your eCommerce store. For the best results, collaborating with professionals helps. Consider the product photography pricing and choose the right service provider. Ether Arts Photography is the best choice for quality product photography.


How many lights are essential for product photography?

It completely depends on the product type and the picture quality you want. In order to ensure full coverage of the product, three lights are essential.

What is the key to getting a good product photo?

The correct lighting arrangement is the most important element in getting a good product photo. Appropriate lighting helps in highlighting the important features of the products effectively.

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