An Introduction to White Background Photography

The only marketing that everyone is talking about today is digital marketing. While companies still rely on advertising through television, radio, newspaper, magazines, and billboards, the internet is where most of the action is at. And on the internet, like in the rest of the world as well, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. That is why companies making and selling any kind of product need to have good photographs of their products for putting up on their websites or on social media portals.

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There are usually two types of product photography Atlanta in use. The first is showing the product actually being used. For example, and ice cream company could have pictures of someone relishing a spoonful of their latest variant. This type of photography is usually referred to as context photography or lifestyle photography. The other is simple photographs of the photograph, usually taken on a white background to help the product be more clear and visible. That is why this type of photography is usually referred to as white background product photography.

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In spite of the fact that it doesn’t show the product in actual use, white background photography has its own benefits. The prospective customer can have a good, undisturbed look at the photograph. This might not be possible in a dynamic picture of the product being used. With a white background, the photograph helps the product to pop out and be more clearly visible without any background clutter. Another advantage of white background photography is that it allows you to use it in a number of platforms. For example, Google Shopping campaigns stipulate that you should use only pictures with white, gray or light backgrounds. Amazon insists on only white. A cluttered or colorful background clearly wouldn’t work there. Also, pictures that have white backgrounds are much easier to edit.

You can employ the services of a good photography studio or a freelance photographer to do your white background photography. But in case you are just setting up your own company, you might not have too large a marketing budget. Don’t fret, though. With some basic understanding and equipment, you can very easily do your own white background photography. Here are some of the equipment you will need, most of which you might have anyway, or set up from your existing possessions with a little tweaking:

  1. A lightbox or light tent can provide consistent bright lighting for your pictures. You can buy a lightbox with or without lights, or you can set up your own lightbox for less than $50.
  2. You need to earmark a table as your shooting table. It doesn’t always need to be a table. A slightly raised but completely flat surface can do just as well.
  3. You need adequate lights in the room where you are shooting. Usually, the existing lights are enough, you might just have to apply some shades or blinds to direct the light towards the product.
  4. Today, smartphones are more than equipped to take good photographs. So you might not need to invest in a camera initially. A better investment would be a tripod to hold your phone steady.
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